Baby you can drive my car

After looking all winter for the perfect 70s car coat, it walked right past me two weeks ago, on this stylish girl. The proportions, the lighter suede colour and the sheer cosiness of it have made me supremely jealous.  And that's even before you chuck in the gorgeous patterned skirt, oversized pendant and dark berry lips.  A marvellous example of perfect winter style.  Some people just have it all - including my coat!

ps - I just caved in to Twitter, I'm looking a little lonely over there at the moment...come find me here?

Max it up

Dedicated blogger that I am, I spent all of 7 minutes shooting last weekend before toddling off for lunch with a friend.  But, I packed a lot into that 7 minutes, getting not one but two great shots, and having the absolute pleasure of meeting one of my favourite bloggers, David of  The Nyanzi Report who happened to be shooting on the same corner.  One of the photos I got was this.  I couldn't resist the not-quite-maxi skirt and I loved the way it was styled so simply with the vest, leather jacket and brogues...proof that you don't always have to wear a long skirt with heels and that you can wear one in the winter...

Hot off the press is the news I've just WON Platform Princess's recent competition and will soon be taking delivery of some amazing 70s flares, as modelled here by the lady herself.  I never win anything, and I'm currently obsessed with the 70s (I blame the excellent Runaways movie - Dakota Fanning, you are just too cool) so it's made made my weekend.  Thanks!


Hazy shades of winter

You'll either have that song in your head now, or be far too young to even know what it is (as am I, she adds hastily).  But hazy shades perfectly sums up this gorgeous winter ensemble.  Though still understated, it's an antidote to all the black on the streets.  It's what I'll call wartime chic, given a modern twist with the kneesocks and leopard scarf.


Happy new year

Gosh, it's good to be back.  For your delectation, here is styleeast's first street spot of 2011, and a perfect way of starting as I mean to go on, bringing you original looks and natural style from Brick Lane and beyond.  I love everything about this casual look, from the hair colour to the 50s half-rim specs to the on-trend midi - and she was a lovely friendly girl too.  Lots more to come so stay tuned...