Styleeast on Vogue street chic shortlist (yes, VOGUE!)

I am thrilled, shocked and amazed to announce that Styleeast is on the shortlist for the Vogue street chic blogger competition.  Ok, so there's a lot of people on there and they're all AMAZING, but it's still almost too exciting for words.  If you feel inclined, head on over there and check out my photos HERE , perhaps even leave a little comment if you like what you see.

And while you're there, pop in on Nicole Trundle of The Power of Beauty's entry (which includes a photo of none other than yours truly) and wish her luck too.

Featured in Frock and Roll


Blooming lovely

The trouser trend is still dominating, and it comes in pretty handy in this inbetween weather.  This girl in her gorgeous vintage florals didn't want me snapping her with her can of Irn Bru, but I think it just adds to the charm (or maybe it's just because I'm Scottish)....

Featured in Frock and Roll


Three times two

Streetstyle - or should that be yard style - from Sunday's bloggers' yard sale.  More of which later...

Featured in Frock and Roll
The very lovely Hannah and James - Hannah from His and Hers Daily Stylings .  Stay tuned for more news of his t-shirts and her pants (all will be explained, I promise)

My new favourite self-style blogger, Alice of Alice Point and her sister in lustworthy baseball jacket 

I am reliably informed by my helpful readers that this stylish lady is from Frou Frou - another great self-style discovery.  Men take note and maybe you too can look this good sockless and in a necktie.


Introducing...Frock and Roll

I have exciting news!  I'm going international.  Well, sort of.  The lovely Kat of Frock and Roll  has invited Styleeast to collaborate on the streetstyle section of the magazine.  And to kick off this exciting venture, I did my first ever interview which you'll be able to read HERE (featuring photos of me by Polka Dot and Platform Princess) .  I am thrilled to be asked to do this, the magazine is absolutely of an ethos I can buy into - groundbreaking fashion, design and music with an aesthetic that, despite being based in Vienna, is very 'London'.  Not to mention the support I have for projects which seek to draw on the talents of a wide range of contributors, writers, musicians and photographers, and bring them to The People (that's you lot, btw!). 

But that's enough from me, let's hear from editor in chief, Kat (pictured):

Styleeast: Introduce Frock and Roll to readers...
Frock and Roll is all about Sex, Drugs, and Frock and Roll... and Groupies. Lots of them!

What is the inspiration behind the magazine?
The inspiration behind it is to give smaller designers and artists some space as well as talented writers from all over the world. I worked for a couple of online magazines before but something has always been missing. So I just thought: 'Just start your own then.'

What type of people do you expect will read Frock and Roll?
People who are not only reading online ‘fashion and music’ magazines but also read newspapers, classical books, listen to cool music and well basically are cool (ha-ha), NAH, I just hope they will get inspired, enjoy reading and leave some constructive feed back!

streetstyle from

And what do you think sets it apart from other magazines that also feature style and music?
I guess because we try to support people who haven’t reached their inspirational peak yet and because we try to give everyone ‘punch in the arm’ to start their own thing.

Do you think the future of cultural publications is online?
I think that it is, now the I-Pad is developed I even think there might be room again for paid online magazines, even though I think this is more the case for bigger newspapers and magazines. But there’ll always be room for printed magazines and newspapers – what’s better than reading a newspaper with a cuppa in your hand?

Do you write all the features yourself and, if not, how have you found contributors to the magazine?
At the minute I write most of it and my boyfriend takes most of the photography aspect of things, we always give Do-It-Yourselfers space, and soon we'll have someone contributing vegetarian recipes. Living the way of Frock and Roll requires healthy food!

streetstyle from

What are your own favourite reads?
I always find it hard to find magazines, I mostly read German music magazines they are a better quality than the English ones such as NME. But I also read NME in my favourite cafe, they have one there for free. I don't read Vogue - I find it a waste of space, I'm not interested in only looking at ads and pay 10 Euros for it (in Austria). And I don't find any inspiration in it either. I read Nylon, which maybe is a bit cliché but it seems to cover most of the stuff I'm interested in for. I read a couple of blogs, all my favourites are English. And I read books if I have time though the last book I had to read was because of UNI ‘Bloody’ Hamlet (I didn't get until the end). I also read the sun online for the daily chitchat - it's like the Austrian ‘Heute’.

Tell us what to expect from Frock and Roll over the next few months
I hope Frock and Roll gained lots of loyal readers and more lovely people who contribute, ‘SO IF YOU’RE READING THIS, GET OFF YOUR ASS!’


Styleeast - Illustrated

I commented the other day on some gorgeous illustrations posted by Style Slicker and imagine my surprise when I received an email this morning from the illustrator, Victoria Riches - a student at Kingston - with some drawings she'd done of my photos.  To say this was a lovely surprise is an understatement, I'm seriously touched that someone has taken the time to do this, and I adore the illustrations.  Clearly a very talented girl - check out Vic's photostream here  or catch her (and me!) at the Blogger Yard Sale on Sunday (23a Benwell Rd, N7).  And please leave a comment to show your appreciation for the artist...

The first two pictures are of little ol' me and the last is Jill, aka Polka Dot of Street Style London .


A leopard never changes its spots

Some people I encounter on my Saturday strolls round east London are purposely dressed to the nines, perhaps hoping to be photographed.  And others clearly just have natural flair and a don't-give-a-toss attitude, like this leopard lady.  Great wide-legged jumpsuit, good accessorising and there's something a bit Gaga about that hair....


Styleeast is going camping

I'm off to the countryside for a couple of days.  But in the meantime I'll leave you with this very stylish city outfit.  I love the contrast between tough loafers and socks, and light, pretty dress.  There's no doubt it's being worn with attitude too.  Great look....