Vintage Fair

Another of my west London style spots, ably assisted by David, it's a very east London-y vintage look which, as David noted, is what I'm always drawn too even when dragged kicking and screaming from my usual turf.  This look is also a masterclass in layering and accessorising - I don't know if that's a poncho, a cardi or a shawl, but I want it. 

I'm style-hunting at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in Spitalfields today so look out for someone barely able to use their camera and instead just shopping excessively, chances are that'll be me.  Oh and check out Styleeast waxing lyrical about the midi skirt for Heatworld Star Style here, with thanks to Callie at Heat.  Blog favourites Jill aka Polka Dot and Jen the Style Crusader also feature.


In association with the the Nyanzi Report

So, I finally figured out what some of those buttons on my camera do, thanks to the very photographically talented David of staple streetstyle blog, The Nyanzi Report.  On Friday, after coming into town without his own camera (I almost didn't recognise him!), he acted as my very able assistant for the day, and this is the result.  I love the colours and the sleekness of the whole look, from hair to loafers - this is a man who knows how to accessorise.  Styleeast, in west London you say?  Shooting men?  Whatever next...

Thanks, David!


Take it back to the concrete streets

After that brief foray back to Fashion Week in the last post, I thought I'd bring it back east (with the help of a 90s hip hop reference, which I thought was fitting with the background.  I've been listening to a lot of the old stuff lately, definitely the genre at its peak...but I digress).  I shot this photo late in the evening after the Jones and Payne party - so for once the shoddy light isn't the fault of my questionable photography - but I couldn't miss it, it was love at first sight with that leather jacket.  Teamed with a floral playsuit and with a casual hairdo and plimsolls to top and tail the look, it's pretty much east London style at its best.  AND she said she'd seen my blog! That NEVER happens.  It made me happy.


Three of a kind

From Somerset House, LFW, aaaah remember that (clue - we were all freezing our asses off)?  I've been meaning to post these for ages, to demonstrate how February fashion week may be colder, quieter and harder work, but the style is also cooler, darker and much more Styleeast's cup of tea.  Almost made losing all feeling in my toes worth it....


Champagne in the afternoon

I think it's fair to say that Shoreditch's best hair salon know all the ingredients for a great party...endless champagne, cupcakes (complete with J+P logo), a candyfloss machine, superstar DJs and a collection of east London's most stylish people.  Oh, and about 100 handsome, tattooed boys.  Jones and Payne were celebrating their first birthday party in their gorgeous salon and, if you haven't been yet, you need to get yourselves along sharpish, not only for a haircut of joy (ask for Gary!) but to experience the surroundings and get a go on one of their massage chairs.  Thanks, Jones and Payne, for a great afternoon...