Welcome to winter

Happy Halloween everyone.  As we bid farewell to October, it's time to accept the fact it's very nearly winter and turn our attention to the warmer fashions on the street.  Out and about today, I was struck by the extent to which there appeared to be a winter wardrobe of fake furs, trousers and boots.  So it takes a lot to stand out, but this girl does it.  No browns and denims for her, instead a fur of dazzling white, paired with some patterned pants and accessorised beautifully with the slow-burning shoe of the season, chelsea boots, and what I think is an Olympus Pen (so I'm not the only girl on the block with an Olympus!)


Get well soon

This is Roz.  I don't know her but I do know that she's a blogger, is only 15 and has just been through major spinal surgery.  She made this dress to show the curvature in her spine that she's having corrected and I was struck by the maturity she has shown in facing this adversity head-on and sharing it with her readers.  I'd only ever seen Roz before on Jill's blog and was struck by her youth, beauty and style.  It's amazing to think what she was going through behind the smile.  Jill, of the aforementioned blog, is leading the charge to bring one of Roz's creative ideas - the "mummy scissors" - to life and, through spreading it across our blogs, let Roz know we're thinking of her as she recovers.  You can read about it written far more eloquently here.  And of course, please check out Roz's blog Clothes, Cameras and Coffee and perhaps leave some comments for her to read on return from hospital.  I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing her a speedy recovery.

Photo from Clothes, Cameras and Coffee

[Just to say I'm not making my own mummy scissors as I'm away at the moment without camera, or scissors!]



I think the best outfits are those that aren't too try-hard, that look comfortable but unique and are composed of some simple elements that together equal great style.  This recipe for fashion success is demonstrated a treat by this young lady from Ease the Squeeze clothing, in her Aran knit, leather shorts, button-up shirt and sock/loafer combo.  And, if you have perfect hair as she does, that helps too.


Goodbye summer

It's freezing outside - and Styleeast is actually looking forward to bringing you some winter fashion.  But in the meantime, here are two friends both in black and brogues, enjoying the brief Indian summer last weekend.  It's all in the details for their looks, his cropped pants and barrel bag, her sheer top and what I'm guessing are AA jodphurs (a style that rarely fails to impress).  Goodbye sunshine...see you next year...

Featured in Frock and Roll


How to wear a maxi

Yesterday was a good day blogging.  I went slightly off-mission to buy a new hat, chatted to some lovely people, including Mr+Mrs Style Scout (and Baby Scout in his dog shoes, that's some serious cute), and took some great shots - at last, after a period where it seemed the stylish people of east London deliberately hid indoors when they saw me coming. 

Anyway, as regular readers will know I am a tad obsessed with creepers shoes.  Even more so since meeting this girl and seeing how ingeniously they update the maxi trend, for a laidback, grungey style.  I almost don't want to give away the secret that this pleated number is from Topshop, as it looks so fresh and unique paired with the old t-shirt and those perfect shoes.  She works in The Vintage Store on the corner of Cheshire Street, which is, incidentally, my new favourite shop.  Pop along if you're in need of a new pair of ankle boots, leather shorts or some vintage denim, and pick up some style hints from the staff while you're there...


Fast women

Now, just to be clear, I'm not casting aspersions on these ladies' character!  I spotted them working for Mark Fast in the New Gen hut at LFW, ahead of the hot-ticket show, with both of them pulling off some seriously risque Fast cutout gear in the daytime.  Jill of Street Style London did a gorgeous portrait shot of Laura, on the right, here, which really shows off her gorgeous make-up.  Both of the girls had completed their looks with perfect faces and the girl on the left was made up with one of the trends I spotted throughout the week - dark, drawn-in brows and coral lips.  Not that I profess to know anything about make-up, really I should stick to the street style...


Fish handbag

It's good to be back shooting in the east again.  Where else will you stumble across a girl sporting a giant fish handbag?  Not to mention the layered tights, oversized woolies, cute collar and unique head gear. I'd been wandering up Brick Lane with Celeste and Kit saying I wasn't really feeling the local street style after LFW and then this girl pops up and lo and behold I was back in business!  Stay tuned for more....