London Fashion Week Street Style - What Karina Wore

I've photographed Karina three seasons in a row at London Fashion Week and she is without a doubt one of the most stylish and electic ladies on the courtyard. Switching effortlessly from old school glamour to rockabilly, via the hot trends (midi skirts, two tone brogues..), Karina always stands out, and this season (from which the first 3 shots are taken) was no exception...

Sept 2010
Feb 2011

Inspired by this recent post, this is  the first of five 'what she wore' posts from LFW, also coming up:  StellaRoz, Nadia  and Frances


London Fashion Week street style - Whites

I spotted a certain tendency to whites and creams in the courtyard of Somerset House, perhaps as a nod to the last days of summer sun.  Rules for pulling off the white look appear to be a) look like Audrey Hepburn circa at her most endearing, b) add tough boots and/or lace to keep textures interesting, c) incoporate coloured knits and/or infectious smiles, d) only come out when the sun's shining.

Thanks to all the photographers that have featured Styleeast during fashion week: Melanie at Street Muse/Elle; Style Crusader; Carrie for  Cosmopolitan;  Dina at She Loves Mix Tapes; Fashionistable; and  David Nyanzi - it was an honour.


LFW Street Style - French Kiss

Recognise anyone? No, me neither.  When I first stopped Hannah, from French Kiss Vintage, who I shot before (in this post) at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair back in June I had no idea it was the same girl.  It's interesting considering that a few posts down I was going on about innate style, when Hannah is living proof that, when it comes to fashion sense, there really are no rules!  I can't choose my favourite from her two looks but what I do know is that she was rocking the courtyard at London Fashion Week in this get-up, check out the feather eyelashes in particular...

Btw, 4 posts in 4 days.... certain people should never again call me a lazy blogger!


LFW Street Style - Day 4: Montage

My final day at Somerset House this season and it didn't disappoint.  Kudos to the hardcore LWF-ers who have 2 days left, I'm bloomin' knackered.

 Maybe I'm just feeling patriotic, but I am loving that tartan


 Lucie wins the prize for accessorising today.  Her bracelets are from her own Band 4 Hope project, a truly unique and socially conscious initiative, which I urge you to read much more about here

 Polka Dot in polka dots (do you see what I did there?)

 Yep, it's those shoes

 Star blouse, red lippy, vintage Ray-Bans - gorgeous


LFW Street Style - Day 3: Snippets

Once I'd recovered from being in close proximity to Jefferson Hack, it was a very successful day street shooting. Here are some highlights from Somerset House for London Fashion Week, day 3:

A lady who needs no introduction, looking utterly fabulous and making time for chatting and photos

Matching for the second day in a row, this time in Christopher Kane skirts

Bloggers' bench (photo by the lovely Dina)

Quite simply, loved it

Jill's bracelets

My favourite colour combination of the day, not unlike the ice cream colours seen at the Mulberry show, but with added edge


LFW Street Style - Day 2: Details

Thought I'd make like David Nyanzi and focus on the details from my first day (everyone else's second) at London Fashion Week this season:

Rosalind's hat pin

Stella (right) and friend's satchels

 Minty bowtie

Bag envy

Jen, the Style Crusader's clutch and purse against her fabulous orange vintage skirt 

Frances's cowboy boots


Ladylike v Grunge

Often when I grab a streetstyle shot, I'm left wondering what my subject wears on every other the photo I took their usual 'look', is it something they're experimenting with, do they like to glam up in the evening? And usually you just never know, the mystery is part of the appeal. In Ella's case however, I have crossed her path several times, as she works in one of my favourite vintage stores, and is now working for the new Blitz Department Store (where I expect to be a regular visitor).

It was at the press party that I took this first shot, in which Ella is the epitome of ladylike retro glamour, in a vintage lace dress from the store. The second shot is from when I first met Ella, a look I described at the time as modern grunge. About her dressed-up look, Ella told me she was going 'ladylike' having cut the green from her hair and wanting to dress up for the evening. But her innate style is still there, in the collection of rings she wears, and the attitude with which she wears that dress, and now I look back at that original shot, you see her tendency to glamour was there all along, in that flowy skirt and up-do.

Proof, I'm going to venture, that personal style is about more than just the clothes you wear- and that it's fun to mix it up sometimes...


Hats off to Blitz Vintage - part 1

If you've ever thought that east London couldn't possibly need a new vintage store, I can tell you now you'd be wrong.  That's because Blitz Vintage Department Store has arrived in town with something new and fresh to offer us jaded vintage shoppers.  Spread over a vast Victorian warehouse space on Hanbury Street, it's a delight to shop in, with an accessible collection of hand picked quality vintage (all at reasonable prices I might add), a delightful collection of rare 40s, 50s and 60s vintage dresses, plus homewares and quirky antique furniture.  There's also plenty for the boys too, and if they get bored while you're browsing there's space for them to sit (on stylish leather sofas of course), read and enjoy a drink.  Here are some snaps from the press night this week, with huge thanks to Ella for the invitation, who'll feature in a future post (I took so many photos I'll have to do it in two parts!):

Self-style blogger Stella, a swingin' 60s chick and an absolute delight, in a dress borrowed for the evening from Blitz (and subsequently bought!)

A 60s sundress I fell for

Writer Angel Adoree, her gorgeous book, Vintage Tea Party, is out now, featuring patisserie recipes from a bygone era - there is definitely someone in your life who needs this for Christmas!

Sparkly knitwear, for when the winter sets in (any day now!)

Plenty here for the boys too (by which I mean the jacket and shoes above, not the lovely lady below)

Gorgeous vintage styling, love the coordinated hat and lipstick.