Le chic

I don't speak French, which is probably apparent from the title of this post which, I'm pretty sure, means nothing.  But having used an abundance of fake French during my weekend in Paris, I thought I'd just carry on regardless now I'm back on home turf.  It was my third trip to Paris and while most of it was taken up with getting round as many tourist sights as possible (and checking out the be-spangled topless ladies at the Moulin Rouge, whilst sipping champagne of course), I also took a moment to consider the city's fashion.  It's so different to London, and particularly a world away from east London's streestyle, but part of me covets the neatness, the classicness and the perfect tailoring.  So now I'm back, there was only one photo I had in mind to post, to conjour up Paris in my mind again (as if all the French wine I'm still chugging down wasn't enough), and this was it.  Taken at fashion week in February, it's a bit Parisienne (those red lips! that classic mac!), but still a lot London-cool, and proof that chic - whatever it does mean - doesn't have to mean dull.