It's Blitz!

You'd never guess from the sense of space in this photo that I nearly got knocked over by a cyclist, 2 cars and around 40 pedestrians whilst trying to get the shot.  It's come out almost monochromatic but for that amazing doll-like complexion and a peek of burgundy cut-off under the crochet tunic.  This girl (must start asking people their names) was flyering for the new Blitz Vintage Department Store on Hanbury Street, sister shop to The Vintage Store from where you may remember Ella of this post.  Seems like this chain has got east London street style all sewn up!  Pop down for a visit soon and maybe I'll see you there...

Also this week:

My photo of Ella (and several others) was also featured recently in Japanese street style magazine Jille, who did a whole page about my blog ...huge thanks to the lovely Aya and Sayaka who spent an afternoon with me shooting for the feature, which you can see below on the left page:

Don't forget I'm currently judging the Westfield Stratford City's 'Create your Take' competition , to celebrate their launch, and will be looking for your version of a family portrait.  The prize is good...all I can say is start thinking who your ten favourite people are.

And finally, I've discovered my new favourite self-style blog this week, and just had to give a shout out to the gorgeous Emily of It Girl Rag Doll, who also featured in the August issue of Jille.


Family portrait

I am very pleased to announce that my news is that Styleeast has been chosen by Westfield Stratford City to be guest judge for their exciting launch competition, 'Create your take'.  The regeneration of east London, in anticipation of the Olympics, is something very close to my heart, and the new Westfield centre is a major part of it - it will bring jobs, tourists and shoppers from across London into an area that was previously not much more than a wasteland in places.  So I'm very proud to be even a small part of the huge changes that are happening.  You can find out more about the competition here, or on my new facebook, get involved and you could win an amazing (though currently secret!) prize, with Styleeast as your guest judge in the 'family portrait' category.  And who better to illustrate that than the lovely Rosalind, who many of you will know well from her blog, Clothes, Cameras and Coffee, who I met for the first time this year, along with her lovely (and equally stylish - just check that vintage fur) mum - maybe they should enter the competition, though we probably ought to at least give others a chance of winning...!


Guessing games

This is Lally, of Oh Are You Sure About That blog.  Ever since I shot these photos, a couple of months BC (before Canon), I've been obsessed with this sort of look. I can only guess at the source of its's a bit 70s, a dash of peasant girl, a touch grunge - pretty but with an East London edge (it's all in the glasses, as anyone spending a significant amount of time in E1 will tell you).  Lally describes it as 'witchy'! Successfully combining all these elements is, according to my rule book, a mark of true style.  Perhaps that's why I haven't shown you these photos before now, I wanted to keep this look all to myself...

Now, stay tuned for some exciting Styleeast news later this week.  There will be prizes.  And shopping, lots of shopping!  In fact, it will be shopping on scale previously only available in West London.  And it represents a huge milestone in the regeneration of the east......can you guess what it is?

Hello, Canon. Goodbye, rain

The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray.  And how better to celebrate than by taking out my new pet (Canon 550d, 28mm lens, oh yes, it's turned me into a shameless camera geek).  This lovely lady was pretty much stalked round Brick Lane by yours truly until I'd got the shot, after initial photo fails due to incredibly bright sun (my eyes, my eyes!) and forgetting to reset all the manual settings I'd been mucking about with earlier.  But I got there in the end, and you can see her amazing floral and denim maxi jumpsuit in all its glory, plus accessorising so good it's practically an art form*. To quote a friend of mine, when it comes to accessories, "if you can't minimise, maximise".  Summer perfection.

*portrait shot is a blatant and unashamed excuse for showing off the new lens!