LFW Street Style - Fabulous Baker Girl

More than a touch of Michelle Pfeiffer circa 1989, no? And the subject of much shoe/trouser/jacket/face envy outside the Unique show.


LFW Street Style - Heavy metal

A giant clutch, some shiny shoes, a studded hat or jacket for the boys, and THE BALENCIAGA BUCKLE BOOTS I WOULD SELL MY SOUL FOR - little metal-y bits were everywhere this Fashion Week.  Hey, if it's good enough for Anna*...

*gratuitous celeb shot.  Wait til you see the others...Alexa! Daisy! Sam Cam! Leigh! La Wintour herself!


LFW Street Style - How do you carry yours?

Whether an owl, some bad ass Chanel, a Kane jelly clutch*, or a rabid dog, we all need somewhere to keep our crap at Fashion Week, right?

*moments after this photo was taken, I grabbed the goods, made a hasty exit and am now on the run from the law.


LFW Street Style - Portraits

1. Rainbow hair at Topshop Unique; 2. Hannah; 3. Hat and black layers; 4. Rosalind; 5. David and me in his glasses; 6. Marie, right before The Sartorialist nabbed her off me; 7. Nadia


LFW Street Style - Fashion Week Favourite

You might recognise Elizabeth from my shots last season, but guess what, I didn't - AGAIN.    Not straight away (it was the blue hair that fooled me dammit).  I've set her a challenge to turn up tomorrow in something unexpected, to try to fool me once again, so watch this space.  In the meantime, feast your envious eyes on that Versace Jeans football top, and Elizabeth's pre-grunge-part-glam look, it's a new genre I've invented, just for her.