Teenage kicks

When I was young(er than I am now, ahem), I could not possibly claim to have good style.  You would have found me as a teenager most likely in a baggy jumper and some bad denim from the Jean Scene.  I most certainly would not have had the confidence to rock a half-shaved head and some badass colour blocking like this young lady (of course I'm only assuming she's a youngster, she might just be clean-living and heavy on the Oil of Olay...).  It's a strong look and one she is 100% pulling off, she stood out a mile from all the other stylish people on Brick Lane for her don't-give-a-crap look and attitude.  It was one of my top shots from the weekend I went style spotting with Kate, while she did her 'A Day in the Life' feature about Styleeast, which, incidentally, you can read about Here.  Now I come to think of it, I really should thank Kate for suggesting my messy, frizzy barnet was in fact 'Alexa hair'.  Bless her...


West End Boys

You'd think, in the wilds of Scotland, that fashion would be the last thing on my mind.  There's not a lot in the way of style round here (unless you're into, er, cow print, or sheep wool, or, well, fields), but I've still got a whole load of photos I want to show you from my recent adventures.  I'll start with this, from my day out to Carnaby Street, away from the east London badlands.  A very stylish pair, definitely with a similar sensibility, but in overall very different looks.  People say that friends tend to dress the same and morph into one another style-wise, but I think these two demonstrate that you can have some similar tastes (note the skinnies) but still have your own thing going on - whether that be a nod to the mod in that scarf and hat or a grungey denim and DM combo.

Do you have a similar look to your friends?  And which of these is your preferred style? (David and Mat, I'm looking to you two for answers here..)


A day in the life

Last weekend I was happy to be invited to style-hunt at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in Spitalfields market (thanks, Kieran and Jill).  Judy's is exactly what it says on the tin - affordable vintage clothing, they do fairs up and down the country and it's pretty much the best place to find high-quality bargains all under one roof.  The day of the Fair just so happened to coincide with the day that fashion journalism student Kate was following me around, doing a 'day in the life' story about little old me.  Now, given that I'd spent the first part of the day in my scruffs cleaning the house, I thought I'd better jazz up the afternoon somewhat, lest anyone get the impression that fashion bloggers are anything less than exciting and glamorous at all times.  So to Judy's Fair we went and what a perfect place for style spotting, the stallholders alone were flying the flag for true vintage glamour.  We topped off the day with a Japanese cherry tea at my favourite Brick Lane bar, Hookah Lounge, and shopping at Beyond Retro on Cheshire Street.  Here's a selection of the stylish ladies we met at Spitalfields:

First up, from Dandy Dolls, a lesson in casual glam, with a silk white maxi and Moschino belt mixed up with white Cons (and a great smile):

Next, one of our favourite style-spots of the day, the lovely Hannah from French Kiss Vintage.  We loved her rockabilly styling and her red shorts:

Credit for this one goes to Kate, who spotted Jessica from Smoking Gun Vintage's beautifully toned hair and outfit.  Catch Smoking Gun at Spitalfields on Thursdays and Brick Lane at the weekends: