LFW Street Style - Black Watch

I don't know what's reignited my love of tartan (maybe it's just a fashion cycle us Scots have evolved to possess), but I do know that all I want to wear this winter is black watch tartan.  Yes, fact fans, this here is Scottish black watch regimental tartan - non-Scots educate yourselves here if you like (we get taught this stuff at school you know).  One of my fashion week favourites, Crystal, showcases it here to perfection and I've been hunting for some dungarees like hers ever since I took these snaps at fashion week - so stay away from ebay please, readers, the next pair of these babies that come up are MINE.


East London street style, dude

It takes a pretty cool dude to rock a women's make-up pouch as a bag, but luckily this guy is it. From the perfectly coiffed hair, via the tats and herringbone trousers, to the spats on his feet, ain't no doubt he got it goin' on (...insert accent).