People like these

It's photos like this and friendly, uniquely stylish, beautiful people like this couple that keep me going with this blog.  Their look and this environment pretty much sum up all that's great with my blogging stomping ground.  For those of you who've never been, you should come visit, get a cup of tea, sit on the pavement and people-watch...


Pretty in pleats

I love this look; it's a bit ladylike, a bit Victoriana, but very pretty and the red hair and lips keep it on the right side of prim.  Perfect for strolling around on another of those weird London is-it-hot-or-is-it-not days...


Hair and now

It's hard to capture personality in a quick snapshot on the street.  But if this girl's outfit and pose didn't say 'fun' and 'cute' to you, her hairdo certainly would.  One of my favourites so far....

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New ways with denim (part 1)

You may have noticed, everyone is wearing denim this summer.  It's not often you see it done differently so I liked how this girl had got her denim fix from a little wasitcoat instead of going down the shorts route.  But most of all I love its pairing with this gorgeous skirt.  There are lots of maxi dresses around but not many skirts and I loved the slightly hippy, slightly boho look here, kept modern with the casual topknot and that trusty denim...


Styleeast goes to the seaside

Beach: Brighton
Fish and Chips:  Harry Ramsden
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik


Black and white and hot all over

Summer looks in black or white...which is your favourite?


Candy stripes

How lovely and summery is this pink candy-striped dress?  When I stopped this girl she told me she'd bought it only 5 minutes before.  I wonder what she was wearing before changing, and whether it was the heat that drove her to her new purchase.  But anyway, I love the way she's paired the dress with brown ankle boots, making it slightly less cutesy and more cool - exactly what's needed in this weather...



I'm a bit in love with these super high-waisted Zara trousers.  I've got them in green but I have been lusting after the navy ones lately.  I wonder if this girl has been reading Jackie, the Platform Princess's blog or if they're just coincientally and equally stylish?  In any case, she's definitely given the look her own twist and gone for brogues over heels, paired with big glasses and bright fuschia lipstick...