In good Company

So, it's no longer a secret that I'm a blogger!  All thanks to Company magazine, and their kind invitation (via Lexxi) to take part in a photoshoot, wearing the spring trends, along with many of my favourite bloggers. It was a hard offer to refuse, not just because it's nice for my Mum to buy a magazine with her daughter in, but because of Company's consistent support for bloggers and their ever-growing place in the fashion industry.  It was a privilege to be invited to partake, with my blog being the tiniest of cogs in the biggest of wheels. And  it was also an awful lot of fun (fashion cupboard! hello!).  Here are the results, worn on the double page by  ChantalAliceCamilleFrances and Claudia; and Frances; and alongside me by Kavita and Lucy. Grab a copy now, chums.

Ps, I hate having my picture taken


East London Street Style - Rosie

Meet Rosie - Hackney girl, writer, and wearer of excellent layering.  Her coat and velvet dress, worn over a vintage lace top, hint at some sort of victorian/goth melting pot of inspiration, all topped off with a bargain Berlin beanie and natty accessories (I'm bringing back 'natty' by the way, get on board).  What I love about this girl's style is that it's very natural, very un-try hard, she just goes about looking frickin' cool in her quiet little way.  Find Rosie at her blog or on Twitter or just look out for her hanging out round E5, no doubt in some excellent coat.


It's that time again...

That's right, fashion month is upon us.  And it looks like the snow is blowing in from New York, along with all the editors, models and streetstyle stars.  Speaking of which, you all know Rosalind  by now, right?  Seeing her (and her outfits) is just one of the many highlights of London Fashion Week for me.  See you all on the cobbles (wear your spindly heels at your peril....)