Yard Style

Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.  Except in this case it's not milkshake, it's bargains, and it's not boys, it's girls.  The yard in question was that of uber-blogger, and our gracious host for the day, Susie Bubble, who was joined by a dozen of your other favourite bloggers to host the hopefully now annual Bloggers' Yard Sale.  I was stall-sharing with the lovely Kristabel and was pleased to see lots of happy shoppers go home with my wares, although I'm still crying (sob) for some of the things I decided to sell on a whim...Oh Rockabilly Checked Dress, wherefor art thou?  In all the excitement I forgot to take a snap of Susie - duh - or the Balenciaga (wtf!) and Christopher Kane (double wtf!) delights she was selling, but I hope you enjoy these other stylish lovelies, including - oh yeah - the in-house ukelele lady.  That's how we roll, yard style.