East London street style - Ice cream

So you might have noticed, summer is here. Or, if you're living north of zone 5, you'll have heard it on the news at least. What this means, other than that I can consider a Magnum lolly and strawberry beer an adequate lunch, is that there is some COLOUR on the streets at last. Alexandra illustrates the spring pastel trend perfectly, channelling Mulberry's ice-cream colours by clashing her fuchsia hair to her minty dress. Oh, and, why the heck not, just adding a little vintage Chanel. Happy Summer, everyone...

East London street style - Be happy

Style crush alert!  This is Frances, of Happy Because.  She always looks amazing.  Not in a "I'm going to Brick Lane and there might be streetstyle photographers" type way, but in a "I just rolled out of bed (ill) and chucked this on but just happen to have a damn frickin' good sense of style" type way.  She always looks cool but never try-hard - the jersey flares, Cons and sleeveless jacket here being a case in point - and she's also a fan of a great hat and/or neck detail.  Maybe that's why she's so happy.

Now also seems an opportune moment to thank Company Magazine for a highly enjoyable and successful Style Blogger Awards ceremony this week.  I was so happy to be nominated but not at all shocked to be beaten in the streetstyle category by the man himself - Facehunter.  Congratulations to all the winners, oh and you can see who wore what (cos clearly that's what you're wondering) here.  Also this week, the very eagle-eyed among you may have spotted this photo I took of Fumie flash up on Friday's edition of The Culture Show on BBC2, featuring Styleeast's good friend David of the Nyanzi Report talking about the streetstyle phenomenon.   And that concludes this week's edition of Styleeast News, thanks for tuning in!