So, I've spent the last 2 weeks trying to think how to follow that pigeon shot.  And what better than going back to the streets of this blog's home, east London.  I've been saving this gem for a while, it needs few words to accompany it.  All I can say is, you might think you wouldn't want your boyfriend to wear a headband, you might not have realised you need a zebra coat in your life. much do you want to be these two right now?


Stop the pigeon

Do I need to introduce Roz?  I'm guessing not, as you've doubtless already seen her, maybe on Facehunter, Style Scout, Stockholm Street Style...I could go on.  BUT, did any of them employ a pigeon to fly in at just the right moment and make the shot even better?   I think not!   

It's a serious business, this fashion thing, of course, it creates jobs, it inspires young people (and not so young people) and it helps us express ourselves...but sometimes it's just a bit too serious, no?  Which is why when Roz, who'd spent three whole days at the mercy of the many streetstyle bloggers, started larking about when I tried to shoot her, I loved it!  I'd been all set up for the posed shot and then she took her position and started jumping about.  This is the first shot I took,  and I cursed that pigeon at the time for ruining an otherwise perfect, spontaneous photo.  I got the 'perfect' shot at the end, but I don't love it as much as this one. It's just a (literally) passing moment, captured through luck and maybe something to remind us all that fashion (and fashion week) is fun...and long may it remain so.

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