There's something about Fumie

Fumie is taking over the world!  Well, not quite. But, as the dip-dye/coloured hair trend, long a feature on east London's streets, starts to seep into the mainstream, my photos of Fumie are certainly proving popular.  Look, here she is in Italian Glamour!  Look, here she is again, taking up the entire page in London's Evening Standard!  So what good fortune it was for me that I bumped into Fumie again (now with pink fringe) when I went shooting in The Vintage Store the other week.  I'm going to start pimping out these pics now, make me some dolla (*jokes*).  Though, now I mention dolla, I feel obliged to let you know that I'm off to NYC, for a little jolly.  That's right - Style(lower)east(side) coming right up, stay tuned.  In the meantime, let me know if you see Fumie popping up anywhere else, won't you?


Styleeast x The Vintage Store

The Vintage Store, 182 Brick Lane, describes itself as a treasure trove of fashion-led vintage gems, and I could not agree more.  Whether you're after a 50s look to get your Mad Men on, or fancy a bit of what I like to describe as Rihanna denim - or in fact anything in between - then this is the place for you.  The cast of Made in Chelsea shop there, dontcha know (coming to a tv screen near you soon...).

But I digress from the news that I am here to bring you - that the Vintage Store is having a KICKASS spring clean this Thursday, which means endless bargains for you, from £5, not to mention 10% off the full price stock too.  You can find out all the deets here, and if that's still not enough for you (what more do you want people?!) then there will be live bands too.

Oh and this being Styleeast, I couldn't resist a little streetstyle snapping of the Vintage Store staff while I was there.  I'm sure you will recognise manager Ella from this post I did last year, and she and her colleagues promise to go out of their way to make shopping at the Store a pleasurable experience (I've witnessed it first hand, now it's time you got down there to see for yourself...)

You can also follow the Vintage Store on Facebook here and Twitter here