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As I sign off for the festive season, to face untold transport delays and a break from east London's street style, I wanted to wish you all a happy, happy Christmas and - as we say in the homeland - a braw Hogmanay.  As this is Styleeast's first Christmas, it seems like as good an opportunity as any to thank all my readers and followers for their encouragement and support.  When I started this in April, it was for my own amusement, a hobby and just somewhere to wax lyrical about the style of my neighbourhood.  But it's fast becoming a vocation and I've had some unbelieveable experiences already (Vogue!  Fashion Week!  George Lamb!...the final one is a story for 2011 I think) and made some amazing friends.  Special thanks go to Jill, Jen, Nicole ,Fi, Jackie, Kit, Shini, Ashanti and Lucy for adopting me right from the beginning and making me feel welcome in their world, and to Kat from Frock and Roll for helping me go international!  Roll on 2011...

Styleeast x


I'll be there for you

Are you still with me?  I've been a tad AWOL lately, but I can promise you plenty more east London street treats soon.  Put on your glad rags on Saturday and look out for me and my trusty retro Olympus (no, Kit, I still haven't got a Canon).   In the meantime, appreciate some of the best style my stomping ground has to offer.  Is that two jackets he's wearing?  I love the flash of dogtooth collar.  And those shiny shoes!  She's sticking to classic mac paired with high waisters and a gorgeous peroxide crop.  Having a fashionable friend, it seems, is the trend of the season...


The Alexa effect

I wanted to share with you this trilogy of photos.  This first girl, shot last weekend, doesn't look like Alexa, does she?  She has her own style and her own poise.  But there's something about her which reminds me of the ubiquitous Chung.  And she's not the first streetstyle spot I've found which puts me in mind of (arguably) the country's current biggest fashion icon.  These other 2 photos were taken at separate times earlier in the year.  So...what is it?  Blatant copying?  Clearly not - none of these girls are wearing an Alexa copycat outfit.  A subtle interpretation?  Possibly.  But, I think honestly, it's not deliberate at all and is more likely just evidence that Alexa's easy, mixed up androgynous glamour is now firmly a part of our style consciousness.  And, judging by these ladies, that can only be a good thing.....

The last photo is Kate, one of my original and best street spots, pictured also here
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Say you want a revolution

Styleeast loves a Russian revolutionary fashion reference and there's no doubt it's now firmly fur hat weather.  Following on from what I've been saying about the importance of details in an outfit, this fur-topped fashion pixie shows how to use them to dramatic effect - the two-tone brogues, checked wool trousers (cue major style envy), cape, scarf, bucket bag.  It's all going on.  But the result is a beautifully coherent outfit, which will be keeping her lovely and cosy too...


I've noticed a few of my posts recently have focused on the details that make an outfit complete.  This seems to be the new way that people are dressing...nothing outrageous, not too over the top (apart from when the situation calls for it obviously), no whole "looks". Instead all it takes is to just add a little something that sets your outfit apart, this girl's ensemble being a case in point.  Take a simple vest dress, ankle boots and then chuck on a vintage knit (perfectly toned to hair, of course) add scarf as a belt, and - voila!  Unique, individual, classic and all in the details...


Bring it on

I'm mildly incapacitated at the moment so the stylish people are safe on the streets while my camera and I are bunkered down at home.  Not so last weekend, when I had my first real winter fashion mission.  As you may have read in my last post, there weren't many inspiring looks on the street, I'm putting it down to that tricky trans-seasonal period.  But the day was saved somewhat by this two for the price of one style swoop.  Finally, something interesting!  Monochrome cape, two-tone tights, some rusty suede (my current obsession), colourful scarves and laugh-in-the-face-of-the-cold shorts.  Winter?  Bring it on.


Welcome to winter

Happy Halloween everyone.  As we bid farewell to October, it's time to accept the fact it's very nearly winter and turn our attention to the warmer fashions on the street.  Out and about today, I was struck by the extent to which there appeared to be a winter wardrobe of fake furs, trousers and boots.  So it takes a lot to stand out, but this girl does it.  No browns and denims for her, instead a fur of dazzling white, paired with some patterned pants and accessorised beautifully with the slow-burning shoe of the season, chelsea boots, and what I think is an Olympus Pen (so I'm not the only girl on the block with an Olympus!)


Get well soon

This is Roz.  I don't know her but I do know that she's a blogger, is only 15 and has just been through major spinal surgery.  She made this dress to show the curvature in her spine that she's having corrected and I was struck by the maturity she has shown in facing this adversity head-on and sharing it with her readers.  I'd only ever seen Roz before on Jill's blog and was struck by her youth, beauty and style.  It's amazing to think what she was going through behind the smile.  Jill, of the aforementioned blog, is leading the charge to bring one of Roz's creative ideas - the "mummy scissors" - to life and, through spreading it across our blogs, let Roz know we're thinking of her as she recovers.  You can read about it written far more eloquently here.  And of course, please check out Roz's blog Clothes, Cameras and Coffee and perhaps leave some comments for her to read on return from hospital.  I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing her a speedy recovery.

Photo from Clothes, Cameras and Coffee

[Just to say I'm not making my own mummy scissors as I'm away at the moment without camera, or scissors!]



I think the best outfits are those that aren't too try-hard, that look comfortable but unique and are composed of some simple elements that together equal great style.  This recipe for fashion success is demonstrated a treat by this young lady from Ease the Squeeze clothing, in her Aran knit, leather shorts, button-up shirt and sock/loafer combo.  And, if you have perfect hair as she does, that helps too.


Goodbye summer

It's freezing outside - and Styleeast is actually looking forward to bringing you some winter fashion.  But in the meantime, here are two friends both in black and brogues, enjoying the brief Indian summer last weekend.  It's all in the details for their looks, his cropped pants and barrel bag, her sheer top and what I'm guessing are AA jodphurs (a style that rarely fails to impress).  Goodbye sunshine...see you next year...

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How to wear a maxi

Yesterday was a good day blogging.  I went slightly off-mission to buy a new hat, chatted to some lovely people, including Mr+Mrs Style Scout (and Baby Scout in his dog shoes, that's some serious cute), and took some great shots - at last, after a period where it seemed the stylish people of east London deliberately hid indoors when they saw me coming. 

Anyway, as regular readers will know I am a tad obsessed with creepers shoes.  Even more so since meeting this girl and seeing how ingeniously they update the maxi trend, for a laidback, grungey style.  I almost don't want to give away the secret that this pleated number is from Topshop, as it looks so fresh and unique paired with the old t-shirt and those perfect shoes.  She works in The Vintage Store on the corner of Cheshire Street, which is, incidentally, my new favourite shop.  Pop along if you're in need of a new pair of ankle boots, leather shorts or some vintage denim, and pick up some style hints from the staff while you're there...


Fast women

Now, just to be clear, I'm not casting aspersions on these ladies' character!  I spotted them working for Mark Fast in the New Gen hut at LFW, ahead of the hot-ticket show, with both of them pulling off some seriously risque Fast cutout gear in the daytime.  Jill of Street Style London did a gorgeous portrait shot of Laura, on the right, here, which really shows off her gorgeous make-up.  Both of the girls had completed their looks with perfect faces and the girl on the left was made up with one of the trends I spotted throughout the week - dark, drawn-in brows and coral lips.  Not that I profess to know anything about make-up, really I should stick to the street style...


Fish handbag

It's good to be back shooting in the east again.  Where else will you stumble across a girl sporting a giant fish handbag?  Not to mention the layered tights, oversized woolies, cute collar and unique head gear. I'd been wandering up Brick Lane with Celeste and Kit saying I wasn't really feeling the local street style after LFW and then this girl pops up and lo and behold I was back in business!  Stay tuned for more....


Back to the east - vintage street style

Aaah, after all the lovely craziness of fashion week and trying to get through the hundreds of photos I want to show you, it's time to get back to what I'm here to do (on the blog I mean, not life in general!) - bringing you the best of east London street style.  And where better to start than with this gorgeous vintage lady?  I took this photo several weeks ago, before we had this cold snap, and thought she must have been too warm in her coat with furry collar.  Oh, how the weather has changed, brrrr!  And speaking of fur, check out Celeste's story of our run-in with the anti-fur brigade at Beyond Retro today. Anyway, back to the glamour of this girl, she looks just perfect (and cosy) with the red lips matched to her shoes, coiffed hair and hat...bringing a bit of class to the streets of my stomping ground...

Visit Aimee and her friend Harriet's new blog Bright Young Twins


London Fashion Week street style - knitwear

Ok, so I lied when I said there wouldn't be any more, but we can't have great style like this going to waste.  I'm one of those annoying people that isn't sad when summer comes to a grinding halt (as it felt like it had today) - I like jumpers, and cardis, and tights, and hats.  Just like these girls, bringing some new season chic to LFW....

Karina from Stylesnip

Veronika of Venkavision in the midi trend - in her grandma's skirt

Beckie and her marvellous hair - from brand new blog Bibi and the Antlers 


London Fashion Week - Masha Ma

Time goes quickly in fashion, I've realised, so you've probably already heard all about Masha Ma.  But I couldn't let this one go.  Thanks to Shini of Park and Cube, I was fortunate enough to find myself in a great spot at the Freemasons Hall for the debut LFW show.  To say we were all impressed would be an understatement - there was such a buzz of excitement after the show amongst all its guests.  It was the slickest, most enchanting show I saw at the weekend, putting some of the more established brands to shame, and everything that came down the catwalk was stunning, cut with the highest precision and entirely wearable (though requiring a dash of bravery in some cases).  There was just enough risque, a lot of glamour, and a pallette of soft tones to enhance the sculpted shapes, all styled up with only the models' unwashed hair and gleaming skin.  The phrase "one to watch" is often overused but, in this case, wholly justified...

all photos by me - please credit me if you'd like to use them


London fashion week street style - pink

As anyone who's ever met me will know, I'm not exactly what you'd call a 'pink' person.  Not that I don't like the colour, it simply doesn't go with my face.  I always think of it as too girlie, too twee and just too pretty.  But look what we have here, 3 stylish ladies proving me wrong, wearing different shades of pink in their very own way and proving pink doesn't always have to mean flowers and fairies, it can be as laid back and edgy as anything else.  You'd most likely find me in the first look....which is your favourite of the 3?

You're all still asking for more LFW street style but I might leave you with this for a while - not least as I'm now running out of sets of 3....but stay tuned, there will be more!


London Fashion Week street style - autumnal blondes

Do you have room in your lives for more LFW street style?  I hope so, as how's this for a new season colour combo - earthy shades of brown and rust, mixed with black and topped off with icy blond hair.  First up, Anastasia, who had just walked for Mark Fast and was still wearing her catwalk make-up, which I think looks great with her classic 'model off-duty' style...

I also noticed a recurring trend of maxi-length waistcoats or shirts over shorter layers.  I like it, it's a great mid-season look, worn pretty darn well by this beauty....

And finally, just to doubley emphasise what I am officially declaring a new trend, here are two of them, taking all the colours and toning them down a shade or two...extra points for the matching hair colour...

Now, be sure to tell me when you've had your fill of Fashion Week and I'll get back to pounding the pavements in the East again...!


London Fashion Week street style - Georgia Frost

I grabbed this shot after the Masha Ma show yesterday.  In my not-down-with-the-kids ignorance, I had no idea who she was, only that she was wearing excellent trousers and my favourite shoes - creepers.  She was also very friendly and, obviously, absolutely stunning.  So it's no surprise she turned out to be (as I was informed today) model of the moment Georgia Frost.  Only 20 years old, according to Wiki anyway, and already a veteran of Burberry, Vogue and many other big names.  But even before I knew that, it was one of my favourite shots of the weekend....

Featured in Frock and Roll
Featured on Masha Ma

Aside from the gorgeousness of Georgia, today's LFW highlights include meeting the man without whom, probably, none of us would be here reading or writing this - The Sartorialist himself.  Overriding impression is that, in a scrum of photographers, he seemed incredibly calm.  Also enjoyed watching Jill charm Julia Roitfeld to the point where Julia asked Jill to look her up on Facebook. Swiftly following in the highlight stakes was afternoon tea with scones, cream and jam in the press lounge, whilst taking Kit, the Style Slicker's advice on how to sort out my (Olympus) camera - "get a Canon".  Wise words.


London Fashion Week street style - Colour Pops

Today was another tiring but exciting day at LFW, kicked off by the Masha Ma show at the Freemasons' hall - I'll be posting on that separately, it really blew me away and was particularly impressive that it was the debut show.  The Mulberry show was the hot ticket, where Alexa and Olivia (of course) could be found front row - keep your eyes peeled for Adorngirl's video, she's captured the new collection perfectly.  Today's other highlight was meeting the man behind the camera of the blog that pretty much inspired me to start one up - the Style Scout.  It was great to see him in action, and he's a lovely guy too.

It would be hard to try and define the style at LFW, it's a little mix of everything, as described far better by Jill of Street Style London for her Next blog. But today I definitely noticed a theme, to stick to classic black, chuck in some amazing accessories - hats, glasses, belts and bags - and add just a splash of colour....

Featured in Frock and Roll


Georgia Nash at London Fashion Week

Wow.  First trip ever to LFW today and what an experience.  I expected to be standing around not having much to do, wondering what on earth was going on.  But instead, I spent eight hours dashing from one place to the next, catching some amazing shows (Osman, Lako Bukia) and hanging out with Adorngirl (big thanks for the tickets!), and Abimarvel and meeting their fabulous friend, Krishna.  As well as bumping into all my favourite blogging ladies. 

I got loads of street style photos, as you'd expect, but for my first LFW post I wanted to introduce you to Georgia Nash.  Exhibiting at Hanbury Hall this evening, on Styleeast's home turf, I was absolutely stunned by the beauty of her designs.  Floaty chiffons, soft silks, fur and brocade details, floor length, like something a movie star might have worn in the 40s, with front-splits and sheer fabrics giving the occasional flash of leg and a modern twist to her retro designs. 

This collection was gorgeous and by far the most stunning I'd seen all day.  At first I was gutted about the blurring in some of the photos I took (caused by a] not knowing how to properly use my camera, and b] the twilight hour), but actually I've left them mostly unedited as I think the effects perfectly showcase the movement and glamour of Georgia's dresses.   Check out her stalls at Hanbury Hall, Hanbury Street on Saturdays and Sundays, and keep your eye on this lady, she's going to be huge and I bet we'll all be queueing for tickets for her shows next year.....


A couple of style tips

This couple are like a head-to-toe guide on how to do simple style. First, start with a striking hairdo. Wear an on-trend piece with a vintage twist (aran knits for her and aviator for him), keep the rest streamlined with a loose dress for girls and skinny trousers for boys. Then polish it all off with some excellent footwear! Top marks.

I'll be starting my first ever London Fashion Week experience tomorrow. If you're down there, look out for me - I'll be the one with a camera, looking completely lost and stumbling around in inappropriate footwear (along with everyone else, I'm sure!)


Shoe heaven

I turned up at the Bertie blogger event and my first comment to the girl on the door was "it's very busy in here", to which she responded, "it's the free shoes I think".  Free shoes you say, free shoes?!  As if it isn't incentive enough to hang out in the gorgeous new Bertie shop with lovely bloggers from Style Slicker, Jazzabelle's Diary,  Platform Princess and The F Blog , then imagine a heaven in which you can try on a succession of gorgeous footwear and then be told you can, you know, just HAVE some.  Whilst eating cola bottles and pork pies.


There's something for everyone in Bertie this season - whether you're a brogues girl or a cosy boots girl.  I opted for something very un-me, black wedge-heeled chelsea boots, that I'll be risking pain and injury in wearing for pretty much all of fashion week.  Thanks Bertie, you lovely and generous lot.  Girls, get your skates on and get down there to check out the full collection...


Hey, doll

This photo pretty much speaks for itself - the pairing of clogs and socks, the legs that can carry off those high-waisted jodphurs, all topped off with a sweet short shirt and doll-like hair and make-up.  A real stand out look on a street full of stylish people.  How much do you wish you'd bought those Topshop clogs now?



I took this shot about 10 days ago and have been saving it for the right moment.   Earlier today, I was thinking how I wish I'd taken a close up of the leopard print brothel creeper shoes she's wearing - they are, for want of a better word, amazing.  And then, this afternoon, I passed this girl again on Cheshire Street while I was on a major mission to find myself a 70s car coat (which is another story).  I don't know why I didn't stop her for another photo, maybe because she was with someone (I don't like to intrude) or maybe because I was too focused on my task, but I instantly regretted the missed opportunity.  Today I glimpsed she was wearing the same shoes with what looked like a below-the-knee length jersey skirt, another great casual and relaxed look but with real street smarts.  I want her shoes, and I want her style. 

Featured in Frock and Roll 

Just a quick edit to say that my Styleeast Vintage Ebay shop has now launched, selling lots of my lovely vintage things that I'm sad to part with but hope will go to a nice new home (and free up some wardrobe space for the next lot).  See the link on the right sidebar...happy shopping! Oh and those looking for the leather aviator that I promised would be for sale, sorry to say it sold within 20 minutes so is no longer available!


Bring on the tights

Wearing of tights at this time of year is tricky, you don't want to seem like a summer party pooper and get the black opaques out too early. This girl, pictured (of course) on Brick Lane, has got the perfect solution. White tights! Somehow summery and practical all at once. And paired to perfection with a cute pastel cardi, the whole look kept firmly on the right side of twee thanks to the black details, a clashing tan satchel and undone hair.  Cute as a button.

Oh and while you're here, might you be so kind as to leave some nice words for my entry on Vogue's Street Chic shortlist, HERE?  I'd be most grateful, especially given the competition I'm up against!


Peachy keen

This is one of my favourite looks to date, I love the contrast of the sweet peach colours and 60s styling with the tattoos and fiery hair (which seems to be the colour de jour, see also here).

Also this week, I've been interviewed by one of my favourite independent magazines, Don't Panic.  You can read the article here, which , along with what I'm now calling (still in bewilderment) "the Vogue thing"  has effectively ended any hope of continued anonymity.  Oh well!  Thanks must go to the lovely Jill of Street Style London for putting Don't Panic in touch with me.


Styleeast on Vogue street chic shortlist (yes, VOGUE!)

I am thrilled, shocked and amazed to announce that Styleeast is on the shortlist for the Vogue street chic blogger competition.  Ok, so there's a lot of people on there and they're all AMAZING, but it's still almost too exciting for words.  If you feel inclined, head on over there and check out my photos HERE , perhaps even leave a little comment if you like what you see.

And while you're there, pop in on Nicole Trundle of The Power of Beauty's entry (which includes a photo of none other than yours truly) and wish her luck too.

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