London Fashion Week street style - Crusading

I'm sure you all know Jen, the Style Crusader, by now.  But what you may not yet know is that her style at LFW was out of this world.  Every day she worked a different look.  Cat shorts!  Flares!  Big jewels!  But (despite being nuts about anything cat-related) this was my favourite ensemble of the lot, a crisp white coat dress, vampy purple lips and, well, it's all about those amazing shoes.  Custom creeper DMs!  Basically my shoe heaven.  Check out Jen's blog for the rest of her LFW looks...


London Fashion Week street style - David Nyanzi (payback)

One of the best things about fashion week is catching up with other bloggers, and meeting those you 'know' online in real life.  David's and my paths seems to have crossed on several occasions recently - on a brick lane street corner, in snapping the same subject entirely coincidentally, and in Adorngirl's imagination where she sees us having some sort of X Factor-style blogger-off (he'd win, hands down, I'm not even going there).  And then again, daily, during fashion week, from which I'll leave you these photos of the usually-camera shy man himself, as payback for one he posted of me - since removed, there are rules people and I am sticking to them!  Check out David's blog, The Nyanzi Report  it captures perfectly his energy and talent, and you can see for yourself that the man also got style (plus, incidentally, more coats than a cloakroom)...


London Fashion Week - Masha Ma's Kinky Boots

After a stellar debut last season, all eyes were on Masha Ma's show this weekend back at the Freemason's Hall.  And it did not disappoint.  From my spot in the front row (thanks, Ashanti!) I could see that still firmly in place were the sculptural shapes and the icy shades, the softest fabrics and the minimalist styling.  But fresh for AW11 were higher collars, zippering and more than just a nod to the fetishistic. 

Those red boots were the talk of the town on Sunday afternoon.  They wouldn't have worked without the beautiful, precision cuts of the garments, and perhaps the knitwear and midi-lengths would have looked too chaste without the boots.  It was a design marriage made in heaven, so right it made all who watched feel like that's the only thing we should be wearing.  All in all, another sure sign that Masha Ma is destined for great things...


London Fashion Week street style: I love cool stuff

(disclaimer: kids, smoking is not cool, unless you're this guy)


London Fashion Week street style: Roz

This is Roz, from Clothes, Cameras and Coffee.  I'm posting her as my first LFW street style shot this season as pretty soon she's going to be all over the internet and I want to get in there first!  It took her and her incredibly patient (and very lovely not to mention ultra stylish) mother probably about an hour to leave Somerset House today as the paps, bloggers and model agents could not get enough of Roz.  And you can see why.  Stunning, poised and impeccably stylish, not to mention a lovely, friendly girl.  Meeting her was one of today's highlights.  Many more to come...

Featured in London's Evening Standard Magazine 25.03.11


Sorry, black, you're over

You know when you open your wardrobe and see before you a myriad of colour and think 'this will not go together', but then you try it all on were right?  The fact is, the majority of us shy away from bold colour mixing, or struggle to get it right (with Kit, the Style Slicker, being one notable exception).  And now, this girl, street-spotted at Spitalfields yesterday.  The combination of coral coat with red tights and blue scarf is genius.  Let's be honest, most of us would have gone for a dose of black to balance it out.  Instead, the finishing touches are a vintage floral dress peeking through, brown tasseled brogues, and that smile.  Enough to brighten anyone's day and, possibly, inspire a bit of colour bravery...?

ps - don't forget I'm twittering now, or tweeting, or twitting.   Here, anyway.

A little sunshine - twice

Well, I said yesterday that I was going in search of colour, and this is what I found.  As if the yellow coat wasn't divine enough, just look how it's paired with the olive trousers, the tartan scarf, the patterned carpet bag, and those rosy cheeks.  The perfect antidote to a long, grey winter.  More, please!

And speaking of more, a quick post-edit...turns out the very same girl was shot the day before, on the other side of town, by none other than David 'Nyanzi Report' Nyanzi, yes, he who also just happened to be shooting on the same corner as me the week before!  His shots are great (as always) - check out the rust and grey colour combination paired with the yellow coat, possibly my new favourite mix.  Wherever will this colourful lady pop up next...?

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