Don't you just hate it when someone jumps in on your shot?  Well that's what I shamelessly did while David was shooting Leo the other day, quickly followed by some rather rude tourists who were passing by. But I couldn't resist, Leo has got to be one of the most dapper gents I've ever happened across, a man in possession of all the best Bs - beard, brooches, bloomers and brogues.

Speaking of old trousers (see what I did there...), I was contacted today by the Give Jeans a Chance charity, who want to donate your old denim to the homeless of east London.  All you have to do is drop off your still-wearable jeans and jackets, and the charity will do the rest.  Further details here, please take a moment to read it and help this very worthy cause.



Double-denim, scuffed-up shoes and hoody, so should not work as a look, but I defy you not to be envious of this insouciant young lady's natural beauty, fiery hair and total disregard for fashion 'rules'.  And I defy you also to not be impressed that I got to use two of my favourite words (nonchalant/insouciant) in one post.


Warm your cockles

If you find yourself in need of tips about how to finish a look, these two ought to provide a wealth of inspiration. Who doesn't love a furry collar or a jazzy shoe to brighten the winter months? And also, I challenge your cockles not to be warmed by how sweet they are together. All together now, awww..


Made up

Guess who's back.  Back again.  And no, I haven't just been holed up in my room listening to the best white rapper since Vanilla Ice (though I do do that a lot), that thing called life has been getting in the way.  But I hit the pavements of Brick Lane today with David who, as well as always inspiring me, was my lucky charm, resulting in a great selection of winter (thought I'd just come straight out and say the 'w' word..) streetstyle shots to share with you over coming weeks.  Let's start here with this lovely lady who almost didn't let me take the close up as she wasn't wearing make-up.  I repeat, she's not wearing make-up, and she looks like that.  I'll leave you to ponder that while I book in for some hardcore facial action, and re-stock the bathroom cabinet.  Guess who's back.  Tell a friend...