Christmas Cracker

All I want for Christmas is a green bob.  Hope you enjoy this festive fashion cracker, my last post of 2011,  effortlessly mixing granny chic with that modern (and very seasonally appropriate) coloured hair.  Now go enjoy some mulled wine, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and turkey in every recipe you can imagine (until it runs out).  Hope for something nice from Santa but don't forget those who have less than we do.  See you all in 2012 for more adventures and thank you everyone for reading and supporting Styleeast in 2011.  Happy Christmas.


Dog day afternoon

Trust me, it's no small challenge getting a dog to pose for a streetstyle photo, and this cheeky chappy had clearly had enough of me by the time I got this shot - sticking his tongue out at me, the naughty thing.  Luckily for him (and me) though, this picture is not about the canine but his winter-fabulous owner.  I do tend to be drawn to a bit of tartan, being a Scot and all that (witness here and here), but this lady gets extra marks for avoiding the obvious black tights option and instead matching her pins to her pet. And for rocking the Rooney Mara hair look, making me seriously consider the chop again.  Gorgeousness.


Bumming around

Bum bags! Remember them?  Less alluringly entitled 'fanny packs' by our American friends, can you think of a better way to keep your hands free whilst carrying around all of your essentials?  I've been pondering on a purchase for a while but was put off by the rule of not wearing something if you were old enough to the first time it came around.  Clearly not an issue for this young lady, sporting my current favourite revival look - 'Mom' jeans, chunky boots and some laid-back layers, not to mention that lustworthy leather carrying apparatus.