Say you want a revolution

Styleeast loves a Russian revolutionary fashion reference and there's no doubt it's now firmly fur hat weather.  Following on from what I've been saying about the importance of details in an outfit, this fur-topped fashion pixie shows how to use them to dramatic effect - the two-tone brogues, checked wool trousers (cue major style envy), cape, scarf, bucket bag.  It's all going on.  But the result is a beautifully coherent outfit, which will be keeping her lovely and cosy too...


I've noticed a few of my posts recently have focused on the details that make an outfit complete.  This seems to be the new way that people are dressing...nothing outrageous, not too over the top (apart from when the situation calls for it obviously), no whole "looks". Instead all it takes is to just add a little something that sets your outfit apart, this girl's ensemble being a case in point.  Take a simple vest dress, ankle boots and then chuck on a vintage knit (perfectly toned to hair, of course) add scarf as a belt, and - voila!  Unique, individual, classic and all in the details...


Bring it on

I'm mildly incapacitated at the moment so the stylish people are safe on the streets while my camera and I are bunkered down at home.  Not so last weekend, when I had my first real winter fashion mission.  As you may have read in my last post, there weren't many inspiring looks on the street, I'm putting it down to that tricky trans-seasonal period.  But the day was saved somewhat by this two for the price of one style swoop.  Finally, something interesting!  Monochrome cape, two-tone tights, some rusty suede (my current obsession), colourful scarves and laugh-in-the-face-of-the-cold shorts.  Winter?  Bring it on.