Christmas Cracker

All I want for Christmas is a green bob.  Hope you enjoy this festive fashion cracker, my last post of 2011,  effortlessly mixing granny chic with that modern (and very seasonally appropriate) coloured hair.  Now go enjoy some mulled wine, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and turkey in every recipe you can imagine (until it runs out).  Hope for something nice from Santa but don't forget those who have less than we do.  See you all in 2012 for more adventures and thank you everyone for reading and supporting Styleeast in 2011.  Happy Christmas.


Dog day afternoon

Trust me, it's no small challenge getting a dog to pose for a streetstyle photo, and this cheeky chappy had clearly had enough of me by the time I got this shot - sticking his tongue out at me, the naughty thing.  Luckily for him (and me) though, this picture is not about the canine but his winter-fabulous owner.  I do tend to be drawn to a bit of tartan, being a Scot and all that (witness here and here), but this lady gets extra marks for avoiding the obvious black tights option and instead matching her pins to her pet. And for rocking the Rooney Mara hair look, making me seriously consider the chop again.  Gorgeousness.


Bumming around

Bum bags! Remember them?  Less alluringly entitled 'fanny packs' by our American friends, can you think of a better way to keep your hands free whilst carrying around all of your essentials?  I've been pondering on a purchase for a while but was put off by the rule of not wearing something if you were old enough to the first time it came around.  Clearly not an issue for this young lady, sporting my current favourite revival look - 'Mom' jeans, chunky boots and some laid-back layers, not to mention that lustworthy leather carrying apparatus.



Don't you just hate it when someone jumps in on your shot?  Well that's what I shamelessly did while David was shooting Leo the other day, quickly followed by some rather rude tourists who were passing by. But I couldn't resist, Leo has got to be one of the most dapper gents I've ever happened across, a man in possession of all the best Bs - beard, brooches, bloomers and brogues.

Speaking of old trousers (see what I did there...), I was contacted today by the Give Jeans a Chance charity, who want to donate your old denim to the homeless of east London.  All you have to do is drop off your still-wearable jeans and jackets, and the charity will do the rest.  Further details here, please take a moment to read it and help this very worthy cause.



Double-denim, scuffed-up shoes and hoody, so should not work as a look, but I defy you not to be envious of this insouciant young lady's natural beauty, fiery hair and total disregard for fashion 'rules'.  And I defy you also to not be impressed that I got to use two of my favourite words (nonchalant/insouciant) in one post.


Warm your cockles

If you find yourself in need of tips about how to finish a look, these two ought to provide a wealth of inspiration. Who doesn't love a furry collar or a jazzy shoe to brighten the winter months? And also, I challenge your cockles not to be warmed by how sweet they are together. All together now, awww..


Made up

Guess who's back.  Back again.  And no, I haven't just been holed up in my room listening to the best white rapper since Vanilla Ice (though I do do that a lot), that thing called life has been getting in the way.  But I hit the pavements of Brick Lane today with David who, as well as always inspiring me, was my lucky charm, resulting in a great selection of winter (thought I'd just come straight out and say the 'w' word..) streetstyle shots to share with you over coming weeks.  Let's start here with this lovely lady who almost didn't let me take the close up as she wasn't wearing make-up.  I repeat, she's not wearing make-up, and she looks like that.  I'll leave you to ponder that while I book in for some hardcore facial action, and re-stock the bathroom cabinet.  Guess who's back.  Tell a friend...


London Fashion Week Street Style - Green eyed monster

This skirt is BY YSL and cost FIVE POUNDS.  That is all*

(*not jealous.  Not jealous at all)


And now for something a bit different

It's surely only a matter of time until these looks are translated into style on east London's streets.  And although pulling off a sequined head or a giant box might be tricky in real life, I was so impressed with these collections by students of the Swedish School of Textiles this London Fashion Week.


London Fashion Week Street Style - My So Called Life

The 90s were pretty good weren't they?  We could stare at Jared Leto on telly on a weekly basis, nick our dad's checked shirt and wear it interchangeably as a skirt, dress or top, channelling Rayanne of My So Called Life big-time.  The only bag to be seen with was a backpack, which handily accommodated all of our schoolbooks (and pencil cases - remember when pencil cases were, like, the accessory?), our jeans were high and occasionally we wore overalls and not just because we were finally painting over our cartoon wallpaper which was waaaay too young for our mature teenage selves. The good news is the 90s are back, and that the Best TV Series Of All Time is available on DVD.  Style inspiration at your fingertips, people, and these gorgeous ladies at LFW have a head-start on the rest of us...

And to end, the inspiration, Angela and Rayanne, circa not-yet-fallen-out-cos-one-pashed-the-other's-boycrush-at-the-school-disco...
(you know you want that duck egg blue crochet waistcoat in your life now, oh yes you do)

Also in this week's news, Styleeast has, for the second season in a row, been voted in the The Most Wanted Fashion 100 - coming in at number 9 in the Street Style category.  It's a real privilege to be on the list with so many of my favourite blogs and still completely unbelievable to me that anyone reads my blog, never mind votes for it!  Check out the full list here


London Fashion Week Street Style - What Karina Wore

I've photographed Karina three seasons in a row at London Fashion Week and she is without a doubt one of the most stylish and electic ladies on the courtyard. Switching effortlessly from old school glamour to rockabilly, via the hot trends (midi skirts, two tone brogues..), Karina always stands out, and this season (from which the first 3 shots are taken) was no exception...

Sept 2010
Feb 2011

Inspired by this recent post, this is  the first of five 'what she wore' posts from LFW, also coming up:  StellaRoz, Nadia  and Frances


London Fashion Week street style - Whites

I spotted a certain tendency to whites and creams in the courtyard of Somerset House, perhaps as a nod to the last days of summer sun.  Rules for pulling off the white look appear to be a) look like Audrey Hepburn circa at her most endearing, b) add tough boots and/or lace to keep textures interesting, c) incoporate coloured knits and/or infectious smiles, d) only come out when the sun's shining.

Thanks to all the photographers that have featured Styleeast during fashion week: Melanie at Street Muse/Elle; Style Crusader; Carrie for  Cosmopolitan;  Dina at She Loves Mix Tapes; Fashionistable; and  David Nyanzi - it was an honour.


LFW Street Style - French Kiss

Recognise anyone? No, me neither.  When I first stopped Hannah, from French Kiss Vintage, who I shot before (in this post) at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair back in June I had no idea it was the same girl.  It's interesting considering that a few posts down I was going on about innate style, when Hannah is living proof that, when it comes to fashion sense, there really are no rules!  I can't choose my favourite from her two looks but what I do know is that she was rocking the courtyard at London Fashion Week in this get-up, check out the feather eyelashes in particular...

Btw, 4 posts in 4 days.... certain people should never again call me a lazy blogger!


LFW Street Style - Day 4: Montage

My final day at Somerset House this season and it didn't disappoint.  Kudos to the hardcore LWF-ers who have 2 days left, I'm bloomin' knackered.

 Maybe I'm just feeling patriotic, but I am loving that tartan


 Lucie wins the prize for accessorising today.  Her bracelets are from her own Band 4 Hope project, a truly unique and socially conscious initiative, which I urge you to read much more about here

 Polka Dot in polka dots (do you see what I did there?)

 Yep, it's those shoes

 Star blouse, red lippy, vintage Ray-Bans - gorgeous


LFW Street Style - Day 3: Snippets

Once I'd recovered from being in close proximity to Jefferson Hack, it was a very successful day street shooting. Here are some highlights from Somerset House for London Fashion Week, day 3:

A lady who needs no introduction, looking utterly fabulous and making time for chatting and photos

Matching for the second day in a row, this time in Christopher Kane skirts

Bloggers' bench (photo by the lovely Dina)

Quite simply, loved it

Jill's bracelets

My favourite colour combination of the day, not unlike the ice cream colours seen at the Mulberry show, but with added edge