I've noticed a few of my posts recently have focused on the details that make an outfit complete.  This seems to be the new way that people are dressing...nothing outrageous, not too over the top (apart from when the situation calls for it obviously), no whole "looks". Instead all it takes is to just add a little something that sets your outfit apart, this girl's ensemble being a case in point.  Take a simple vest dress, ankle boots and then chuck on a vintage knit (perfectly toned to hair, of course) add scarf as a belt, and - voila!  Unique, individual, classic and all in the details...


  1. excatly. tell them.
    it's all about the details these details. and that's something that takes a true style connoissuer to notice.
    well spotted.

  2. So true. It often only takes one strong item - like her cardigan - to make the look.

  3. Very cool cardi, makes the outfit. xx

  4. nicely written, you can tell a lot about a person by the detail, the scarf around the waist, against the length of the necklace, she knows how to balance an outfit. x

  5. Great shot. I love all the contrasting colours in this outfit, and love her battered lace ups!
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your incredibly thoughtful post you wrote about me. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that, and the collective support of the blogging community has been amazing!

  6. Love love love the vintage knit

  7. i think this notion is even more important in menswear, is that obvious for me to say that though? she looks happy to be wearing what she has on, which is always the key

    thanks for the clock comment, hoping to get one for crimbo

  8. Yes, I agree. I can't compare London style - whether East, West, North, South - to other cities because I don't know any other city as well these days. But just comparing to quick visits to, say, NY.. yeah, right now, it's like London 'style' - no matter what people's origins - is so sophisticated that it's become more subtle.

    I always compare it to cooking, and it's the same with cooking. I guess it's a long winded way of saying what we're seeing is so sophisticated, individual, that it's passe to dress outrageously. It's like everyone's been outrageous and now it's just all toned down.

    WHY CAN'T I EXPRESS THIS?? It's like Picasso: before he and his peers broke the rules, they had to prove they knew the rules. Fashion now - globally but especially focused in, say, East London - is now composed of people who have such an innate sense of colour and balance and texture and how it works best for them, that they can now tone it down and just have these little broken rules in the form of the most exquisite, original details.

    It was so great to get a dose of Style East today! More please. Bring on #fff3. xxx

  9. definitely agree that the details are where it's at. absolutely adore her ethnic-y feeling cardigan. xx


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