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As I sign off for the festive season, to face untold transport delays and a break from east London's street style, I wanted to wish you all a happy, happy Christmas and - as we say in the homeland - a braw Hogmanay.  As this is Styleeast's first Christmas, it seems like as good an opportunity as any to thank all my readers and followers for their encouragement and support.  When I started this in April, it was for my own amusement, a hobby and just somewhere to wax lyrical about the style of my neighbourhood.  But it's fast becoming a vocation and I've had some unbelieveable experiences already (Vogue!  Fashion Week!  George Lamb!...the final one is a story for 2011 I think) and made some amazing friends.  Special thanks go to Jill, Jen, Nicole ,Fi, Jackie, Kit, Shini, Ashanti and Lucy for adopting me right from the beginning and making me feel welcome in their world, and to Kat from Frock and Roll for helping me go international!  Roll on 2011...

Styleeast x


  1. Oh you're soooo very welcome ;P

  2. it's a great blog, a pleasure to read. a merry christmas to you :)
    bibi x

  3. it's always a treat to come over to the house of styleeast.
    merry christmas.

  4. Have a happy holiday gorgeous girl see you in the new year 2011 already cor blimey. xx

  5. Blessing to know you Jen, have a wonderful Christmas!!

  6. Merry Christmas, Jen! Have a braw Hogmanay! xx

  7. seasons greetings and happy new year to you too

  8. i'm catching up on blogs.
    i want to see you soon!
    happy new year!
    also, are you free monday? i'm going to text you a random thing to do! OOOOOH-EEER X
    http://www.sos-saveourshoes.com/ ps goodies on the blog up for grabs


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