Vintage Fair

Another of my west London style spots, ably assisted by David, it's a very east London-y vintage look which, as David noted, is what I'm always drawn too even when dragged kicking and screaming from my usual turf.  This look is also a masterclass in layering and accessorising - I don't know if that's a poncho, a cardi or a shawl, but I want it. 

I'm style-hunting at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in Spitalfields today so look out for someone barely able to use their camera and instead just shopping excessively, chances are that'll be me.  Oh and check out Styleeast waxing lyrical about the midi skirt for Heatworld Star Style here, with thanks to Callie at Heat.  Blog favourites Jill aka Polka Dot and Jen the Style Crusader also feature.


  1. Oh yes, this one was quite a catch! Fun and stylish.

  2. love this layering, I went over to Brick Lane yesterday so no chance of me going again today which is a shame because they fair looks good.

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. i need some layering teaching i think, i'm not ace at it. she looks snaz. hope all is well down south

  4. I love the vintage look. So unique. xx

  5. The cardigan/drape/shawl is cool - looks great over the pale pink dress.

    Thinking I need a pair of white pumps - they go with EVERYTHING :)


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