I'm a bit in love with these super high-waisted Zara trousers.  I've got them in green but I have been lusting after the navy ones lately.  I wonder if this girl has been reading Jackie, the Platform Princess's blog or if they're just coincientally and equally stylish?  In any case, she's definitely given the look her own twist and gone for brogues over heels, paired with big glasses and bright fuschia lipstick...


  1. what do you think the male equivalent look would be? cos i want that, she is top. i'm prob not too far off.

    yeah me mate is clare from tweet, her blog is abit good

  2. She looks really great. I might have to get myself to zara and try a pair of those trousers on.

  3. @ Mat, hmm I reckon the male version would be a nice pair of proper vintage chino trousers,a bit rolled up, brogues obviously and maybe some Bob Dylan-esque sunnies. Not sure what on top...what are your thoughts on menswear vest tops, cos that's the closest you're going to get I reckon?!

  4. I always try on high-waisted trews then chicken out... they're not flattering on the curvy lady much! THis lady looks great though!


  5. I've really wanted to try this sort of look myself, been looking for a nice bustier to wear out that's not too revealing!


  6. love her! was a bit underwhelmed by the Zara sale though?! ck ;) x

  7. she looks great i have to agree with tory i have sadly given up on the high waist, i refuse to look look a missahpen penguin any longer. x

  8. Ah wow! She actually looks genuinely cool!
    I love her pose and I am going to have to get a bustier like THAT!
    Oh my, i bought some Zara trousers last month and can't take them off! they go with everything, i may have to do a post! WHoop whoop to Zara trousers!!

  9. so fieeerce! where were you on sat? xx

  10. Hello my love!

    Back in London and have lots of blog reading to do. Just seen this... thank you ;-)
    She does , indeed look tres stylish. Love her hair, lippy and firece pose too!

    Must catch up soon.


  11. she looks wonderful! i love her hair, and i adore the simplicity of her outfit. i want, need, a pair of trousers like these! what are the chances of finding a pair in a charity shop?

    love, jazzabelle. xxx


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