Candy stripes

How lovely and summery is this pink candy-striped dress?  When I stopped this girl she told me she'd bought it only 5 minutes before.  I wonder what she was wearing before changing, and whether it was the heat that drove her to her new purchase.  But anyway, I love the way she's paired the dress with brown ankle boots, making it slightly less cutesy and more cool - exactly what's needed in this weather...


  1. aww, i love this. so cute and summery. and i love her matching nails!


  2. Sooooooooo gorgeous. Really love this, no wonder she felt the urge to change into it immediately. xx

  3. Very cute. Are her sunglasses pink as well? She reminds me a bit of Kate Nash.


  4. Found your blog just after reading Jill's account of your FFF and she sure did mention everything you hoped for! Luckily; otherwise there maybe have been a lot of confusion.
    But great post, and after a little bit of scrolling I have realised this blog is really great!
    UO x


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