London Fashion Week street style: Roz

This is Roz, from Clothes, Cameras and Coffee.  I'm posting her as my first LFW street style shot this season as pretty soon she's going to be all over the internet and I want to get in there first!  It took her and her incredibly patient (and very lovely not to mention ultra stylish) mother probably about an hour to leave Somerset House today as the paps, bloggers and model agents could not get enough of Roz.  And you can see why.  Stunning, poised and impeccably stylish, not to mention a lovely, friendly girl.  Meeting her was one of today's highlights.  Many more to come...

Featured in London's Evening Standard Magazine 25.03.11


  1. It was so delightful to meet you today and talk with you. I love this photo (especially the framing) - we got the shot eventually! Thank you so much for what you wrote, I'm honoured. What a wonderful day. Hope to see you again tomorrow.

  2. Now that's what I'm talking about. Great shot J! It was absotule madness with all the photographers surrounding Roz but you managed to get the best one yet.

    It was good to see you again.

  3. Roz looks amazing, love how the coat and bag match! Was lovely to meet you yesterday even if it was brief =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. Love the pose, reminds of the work of those romantic painters who's oils you can see at the Tate Britain... Meanwhile I looked for you maybe later in the week... Best Robert

  5. I usualy hate this color especially when it is on leather/fake leather, but it looks so good and sofisticated on Roz. I think she is the only person who can pull off this look :)

  6. This is a fierce outfit - I love the briefcase-style bag.

  7. Ah, Roz! I'm so glad you met her and Polly: that was so nice hanging out in the press room with Sabine and Sarah. I have the same kind of shots and I don't know if it was because it was the same time but I don't think so: we must have chose the same background and composition BY ACCIDENT. Or coincidence. Anyway I haven't even posted mine yet but when I do I'll link back to this post.

    Objectively, I think yours is a better composition than mine. The way you shot it from such a low angle. It's quite extraordinary.

    The thing about Roz is she is such an uncanny subject. LIke Robert said, she does channel portraits in paintings. Sometimes she's all pre-Raphaelite, but this feels... I don't know, almost Rembrandt.


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