Guessing games

This is Lally, of Oh Are You Sure About That blog.  Ever since I shot these photos, a couple of months BC (before Canon), I've been obsessed with this sort of look. I can only guess at the source of its's a bit 70s, a dash of peasant girl, a touch grunge - pretty but with an East London edge (it's all in the glasses, as anyone spending a significant amount of time in E1 will tell you).  Lally describes it as 'witchy'! Successfully combining all these elements is, according to my rule book, a mark of true style.  Perhaps that's why I haven't shown you these photos before now, I wanted to keep this look all to myself...

Now, stay tuned for some exciting Styleeast news later this week.  There will be prizes.  And shopping, lots of shopping!  In fact, it will be shopping on scale previously only available in West London.  And it represents a huge milestone in the regeneration of the east......can you guess what it is?


  1. BC - Before Canon - ha ha ha! I like that and so is this girl's style.

    cannot wait to hear all about the BIG news!

  2. this sounds interesting, what the heck is going down here? you're either leaving or arriving.......arriving bigger?

    hmmm spits, i wish i had all that vintage workwear at the ready, my wardrobe's sucky. thanks, glad you liked the beards!

  3. Like the comment about people in E1 wearing these glasses! This girl certainly has an interesting look that one can interpret in so many different ways. Looking forward to hearing your exciting news!

  4. haha ! its me, its funny looking at this picture now, it looks very wintery !
    I was having a bit of a witchy day when I put this together.


  5. I have NO idea, but you got me all excited! xo

  6. I love the fact that Lally describes her look as 'witchy'! Great style.
    Ooh, and that's not fair - to leave us waiting to find out what your news is!

  7. lally and i go to uni together. fab.
    such a small world jennifer! x

  8. love her look, really works for her.

    J x


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