Hello, Canon. Goodbye, rain

The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray.  And how better to celebrate than by taking out my new pet (Canon 550d, 28mm lens, oh yes, it's turned me into a shameless camera geek).  This lovely lady was pretty much stalked round Brick Lane by yours truly until I'd got the shot, after initial photo fails due to incredibly bright sun (my eyes, my eyes!) and forgetting to reset all the manual settings I'd been mucking about with earlier.  But I got there in the end, and you can see her amazing floral and denim maxi jumpsuit in all its glory, plus accessorising so good it's practically an art form*. To quote a friend of mine, when it comes to accessories, "if you can't minimise, maximise".  Summer perfection.

*portrait shot is a blatant and unashamed excuse for showing off the new lens!


  1. well that was a nice comment, thanks dudey! glad you enjoy looking over stuff when you have a chance. i always like your posts, it reminds me how much i love london and miss living there. so when you stalk people do you lurk around corners and hide behind lamp posts with a coat over your head, with your new big camera? this is what i imagine

  2. I loved the closeup missed what lens your correct a gorgous image... Love it... Robert x

  3. ; ) Great look. Love the little star tattoo peeking out on her foot.

    I love your titles, too, btw: besides your photography! Just think: you're shooting on a cousin to my camera, perhaps, even with the time difference, at the same time.

    I can see from the bright light - it's true what we've heard - it actually got HOT in London! Hope you're having fun. xoxo

  4. Aha, out and about with your new baby/pet. I certainly treat my Canon like a small creature that requires plenty of care and attention. What a great first style spotting outing. Love that jumpsuit.

  5. thanks dude but they're only bog standard clarks boots

  6. Good shots as usual- you will get used to your new camera- you could always do a little photo shop?


  7. Dang! did my comment arrive? Probably not... Beautiful mediterranean light and impressive range of field depth in the second shot. xo

  8. she looks amaze!

    J x

  9. Bye bye Olympus! Hello to brand new toy!

    Fiddling with the camera setting takes a while to get used to, your photography will improve once you know all the ins and outs.


  10. Congrats on the new camera babe. Love the close up haha.

    p.s when we going for coffee easty?


  11. YAY NEW CAMERA! Twinnies :P

    This gal looks fab - definitely someone i'd eye up if I was out and about! Jeez its been ages Jen you're right! I have no excuse! in 2 weeks I'll be around and us and Fi should defs go out! :D


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