London Fashion Week Street Style - My So Called Life

The 90s were pretty good weren't they?  We could stare at Jared Leto on telly on a weekly basis, nick our dad's checked shirt and wear it interchangeably as a skirt, dress or top, channelling Rayanne of My So Called Life big-time.  The only bag to be seen with was a backpack, which handily accommodated all of our schoolbooks (and pencil cases - remember when pencil cases were, like, the accessory?), our jeans were high and occasionally we wore overalls and not just because we were finally painting over our cartoon wallpaper which was waaaay too young for our mature teenage selves. The good news is the 90s are back, and that the Best TV Series Of All Time is available on DVD.  Style inspiration at your fingertips, people, and these gorgeous ladies at LFW have a head-start on the rest of us...

And to end, the inspiration, Angela and Rayanne, circa not-yet-fallen-out-cos-one-pashed-the-other's-boycrush-at-the-school-disco...
(you know you want that duck egg blue crochet waistcoat in your life now, oh yes you do)

Also in this week's news, Styleeast has, for the second season in a row, been voted in the The Most Wanted Fashion 100 - coming in at number 9 in the Street Style category.  It's a real privilege to be on the list with so many of my favourite blogs and still completely unbelievable to me that anyone reads my blog, never mind votes for it!  Check out the full list here


  1. OMG I'll never forget my 90s childhood/teenagehood seen on My So Called Life...had the same haircut as Claire Danes.

  2. Late 80s/90s are my favourites. I think its because when I was a child I saw all the girls dressed like that, and thats what I wanted to wear but then when my time to decide what to wear came, it was already 2000 and I didn't get my chance. Does it even make sense? Anyway, congratulations on your 9th place!! xxx

  3. congratulations on you making the list for the second time.

  4. OMG!

    So 90s and i'm so in love with it!

    I'm inspired to re-visit some of these looks!

    Grunge is so classic to me now.

    CONGRATS on the list as well :)

    <3 Vega

  5. These girls all look great but I think I will leave the trend to them!

  6. I'm a true child of the nineties (as in, that's when I was born!)and I'm sure I remember having a little pair of pink dungarees rather similar to the grown up ones here...I adored them.
    Great news on your 'Most Wanted Fashion 100' Street Style placing too - big, big congratulations.

  7. I don't even know what the 90s were - style wise! I barely have a grasp of what the 80s were all about. So it's helpful - educational even - to see you edit these examples. I really want to watch that series - My So Called Life. Love the title.

    And WELL DONE for making the top ten. I'm not surprised: you know I love your blog - and you! Thanks for shooting me - I've just credited you in my post. Have a lovely week. xox


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