London Fashion Week Street Style - What Karina Wore

I've photographed Karina three seasons in a row at London Fashion Week and she is without a doubt one of the most stylish and electic ladies on the courtyard. Switching effortlessly from old school glamour to rockabilly, via the hot trends (midi skirts, two tone brogues..), Karina always stands out, and this season (from which the first 3 shots are taken) was no exception...

Sept 2010
Feb 2011

Inspired by this recent post, this is  the first of five 'what she wore' posts from LFW, also coming up:  StellaRoz, Nadia  and Frances


  1. feb 2010 is when i first encountered her and you helped me identify her (thanks for that btw).

    she is one of a kind. her style is always on point.

  2. I LOVE when people do a series of people! (I just saw your comment on DAvid's post btw). And- like with David's friend Stephanie - I've never seen Karina. It's wild how that happens: a photographer or photographers will find certain style muses.. they just become their muse. And funnily enough, this year, I only ended up shooting Roz on one day - hence, no series. But I will never forget how she looked crossing the WAterloo Bridge Road in her bright green feathered maxi skirt. We chatted - she was just making her way home - but we were both too tired to do a photo shoot.

    So I can't wait to see all of these series. Hope you're having a lovely time, Miss East! xoxoxox

  3. She is so lovely. I really like her and Yu her other half. Great shots of her. Xxxx

  4. Oh, I totally love her style. Gorgeous photos Jennifer. xx

  5. Goodness, her style is impeccable! <3 I love her hair in every outfit!

    Lost in the Haze

  6. What a great array of looks - every one bold and completely 'owned' by her, but each so different too. Very inspiring.

  7. She does have impeccable style! I have seen her already before in Nyanzi!


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