That's New Year Fashion Resolutions dontcha know.  If you don't want to worry about your post-Christmas waistline/credit card bill/alcoholism, put your efforts into your wardrobe instead.  Here's just a few mottos I'll be adopting for 2012:

1.Try something different.  I might finally get round to dyeing my hair red.  Though probably not this short.  I'd also quite like this coat.
2. Get brave with colour.  Wear a bright green feathered mermaid skirt in the daytime (especially if you're the lovely Rosalind).  Oh, and don't forget to smile.
3. Consider yourself a bit clever with pattern clashing.  And if that involves also wearing flared trousers, so much the better.
4. Accessorise like there's no tomorrow.  Wear feathers if you like, as Stella does (of course it helps if you also have a little Christopher Kane going on)
5.  Layer like a pro.  The pro being Nadia, not me, I'm utterly crap at it. On me, this cardi looks like something I pulled out of the cat's basket. On her, layering perfection.

Happy new year, everyone, I'll look forward to seeing you all heeding Styleeast's fashion wisdom on east London's streets soon...


  1. Happy New Year! Great advice, Ros looks amazing. xx

  2. They sound like very fabulous new year's resolutions (and thank you for including me in this set of ideas!) I love Nadia's layering and Stella's feathers - they are both such stylish, interesting ladies. I hope 2012 brings merriment and outrageous outfits aplenty!

  3. that orange hair is freaking great isn't it, i don't remember that picture. she looks similar to one of my mates. my pal's a bit more moddish though. good rules going on there, i'm going to make some actually

  4. five different outfits, five great ways to work one's wardrobe. great advice too.

  5. Nice to see that my darlingand admired Rosalind is amongst your choice.
    have a happy New Year!!!

  6. I would love my hair that orange colour!

  7. beautiful outfits


  8. You've got some of my favorite ladies in this line up. I think I've given up making any resolutions, particularly after seeing the success stories here!

  9. In your style leeast blog your all pics says that you are so smart in streets fashion field, post is nice, i like it, Thanks!


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