It's that time again...

That's right, fashion month is upon us.  And it looks like the snow is blowing in from New York, along with all the editors, models and streetstyle stars.  Speaking of which, you all know Rosalind  by now, right?  Seeing her (and her outfits) is just one of the many highlights of London Fashion Week for me.  See you all on the cobbles (wear your spindly heels at your peril....)


  1. Have fun you lucky, lucky lady! WELL JEL! x

  2. She goes to my old college! I see her at the train station sometimes when I head home for visits, and I can confirm she looks that stylish even travelling home from college! Always love spotting her outfits, my home town isn't generally a very chic place, so Rosalind does brighten the place up.

  3. Yay so happy to get to see you again it has been too long, Rosalind is a very stylish young woman, did you see her feature in latest Vogue? beautiful and talented.


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