I don't do weddings

I'm going to a wedding in June and, given that I don't do 'formal', the expectation of hat-wearing was starting to trouble me.  I had in my mind a jaunty little mini-boater, not too deep on the top, and with a ribbon to match my vintage polka dot jumpsuit.  And lo and behold, look what I found!  A little stall in the Brick Lane upmarket, with a fine selection of handmade hats by Orizu, all unique and definitely not wedding-y.  And, perched at the front, my dream mini boater (as held by the very nice stall-holder).  I'm getting one custom-made with a navy ribbon and picking it up next's all about treats for yourself!  This photo really doesn't do justice to the selection so pop along and check it out for yourselves...

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