Rummage Riots

I had the pleasure of being on and around Brick Lane on the day of the now-infamous American Apparel Riots.  I arrived for my usual weekend wander to see all the hipsters with their carrier bags emerging on Hanbury Street and, not knowing what was going on (so not down with the kids), thought I might go for a browse.  Only to discover it was, in fact, not going to be that simple.  About 7 million bargain-hunters, almost as many press photographers and police and all sorts of fights breaking out.  I gave it a miss!  American it that good?  Though it did get me thinking that many of my fashion 'fail-safes' are AA - the disco pants, the pocket skirt, the track t-shirt, the sailor top.  But I'm happy to say I ordered each of those from the safety of my sofa, no scrapping with the constabulary necessary.  Next time, kids, save up and buy online!

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