A little sunshine

I've had mixed fortunes in blogworld this weekend.  Saturday was a great day, helped in part by 6 hours doing nothing in the park, but then I accidentally deleted a photo of a lovely girl wearing the sweetest floral playsuit I ever did see and then had to contend with the crowds on Brick Lane on Sunday and angry stallholders yelling at me not to take pictures near their stalls.

But, luckily, this girl brought a little sunshine yellow into my day.  In a month of blogging, I've mentioned American Apparel about 4 times and people may start to suspect they're sponsoring me (oh how I wish that were true), but no...however, these glorious lemon jeans are indeed from AA and look perfect paired with breton stripes, ankle boots and that amazing mane of red hair...

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  1. Oh I agree, she looks wonderful, wish I could pull of these summer jeans, but i seem to dis like wearing trousers quite a bit...a little unsual I know, but I shall soon get a lush pair I won;t be able to stop wearing.
    Yet again another lovely post :)

    And I did indeed have a little drawing sesh tonight, just to get off the computer, didn;t last very long though. ah ha xx


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