Goodbye summer

It's freezing outside - and Styleeast is actually looking forward to bringing you some winter fashion.  But in the meantime, here are two friends both in black and brogues, enjoying the brief Indian summer last weekend.  It's all in the details for their looks, his cropped pants and barrel bag, her sheer top and what I'm guessing are AA jodphurs (a style that rarely fails to impress).  Goodbye sunshine...see you next year...

Featured in Frock and Roll


  1. those are some mean trousers. yeah i am looking forward to getting wrapped up. i do have terrible circulation though so i'm already freezing in my house. could do with a new winter coat.

    hmm still not working. think mine's done for

  2. I may not love the winter weather but i love winter clothes, gives me a new excuse to buy another coat, my winter mission is to find some cute ear muffs, and mittens.

  3. they compliment each other very well stylewise.
    love the pop of red on the guy's feet.
    cute smile from the chick...haha

  4. Great looks and I especially love their shoes!

  5. I love his hair and red shoes - fab! xx

  6. i'm so awful at winter dressing i wish i could be all cosy and wrapped up whilst still looking stylish.
    i like the sockies and brogues, and the sheer top is pretty. plus the mans' red brogues are enough to brighten up winter. great shot

  7. they look so good together, don't they? that lady might get a tad chilly though...

  8. These guys are freaking fantastic! Wish i had friends that dressed THIS well. Great blog btw, just kinda stumbled onto it! I'll be back, its rad! Panda xo


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