I think the best outfits are those that aren't too try-hard, that look comfortable but unique and are composed of some simple elements that together equal great style.  This recipe for fashion success is demonstrated a treat by this young lady from Ease the Squeeze clothing, in her Aran knit, leather shorts, button-up shirt and sock/loafer combo.  And, if you have perfect hair as she does, that helps too.


  1. i want that cardigan!!!
    great style.

  2. i love aran knits. almost as much as i love you jen!
    x fi

  3. i absolutely adore her look and totally agree with you about outfits that aren't try hard. really love every piece she has on. really gorgeous. would definitely steal her look! great inspiration! xx

  4. I totally agree too (about her great look, and about not trying too hard). I'll also email you soon as I get a moment but I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment today & support. It's funny I was typing it really fast before we left and as we drove off I was thinking 'but Jennifer is doing that classic facing the camera person in the middle type of shooting, and I love what she's doing.'

    It's like with traditional painting: this is a great example of excellent 'portraiture'. For 18 months I really got into the variations of how to make a two dimensional composition of human being against background. I'm sure I'll go back to exploring that further - I just veered off for a while. Also - I don't know if people appreciate how much time and energy we expend hunting down our subjects. I bet when you found this girl you were like 'Yes! A breath of fresh air amongst all those posers!' She has such a delightful face.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend Jennifer!! See you soon: maybe on a 'school night' soon? xxx

  5. That aran cardi is so cute - love it with the shorts. xx

  6. you're right, her hair is great! xx

  7. Urggghhhh, LOVE the proportions! The cardie looks fab over the shorts. She is such a cutie.

    Hope you're well my love ;-)



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