Made up

Guess who's back.  Back again.  And no, I haven't just been holed up in my room listening to the best white rapper since Vanilla Ice (though I do do that a lot), that thing called life has been getting in the way.  But I hit the pavements of Brick Lane today with David who, as well as always inspiring me, was my lucky charm, resulting in a great selection of winter (thought I'd just come straight out and say the 'w' word..) streetstyle shots to share with you over coming weeks.  Let's start here with this lovely lady who almost didn't let me take the close up as she wasn't wearing make-up.  I repeat, she's not wearing make-up, and she looks like that.  I'll leave you to ponder that while I book in for some hardcore facial action, and re-stock the bathroom cabinet.  Guess who's back.  Tell a friend...


  1. she's back in town....

    less makeup is good in my books, she's very pretty. nice mom jean action too

  2. re-stock the bathroom cabinet...ha!

    as for your subject today, i was amazed too at how naturally beautiful she was and had great style too. wonderful pictures btw. great perspectives.

  3. Love her style -- simple, but the jacket makes it current.

    Fashion Translated

  4. What a beaut! It takes me at least 20 minutes of troweling some very expensive slap on to my face to achieve my 'natural' look... xx

  5. Loving this girls style, so beautiful.


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