Double-denim, scuffed-up shoes and hoody, so should not work as a look, but I defy you not to be envious of this insouciant young lady's natural beauty, fiery hair and total disregard for fashion 'rules'.  And I defy you also to not be impressed that I got to use two of my favourite words (nonchalant/insouciant) in one post.


  1. Amaaaazing hair! <3 The colour looks oh-so wonderful with the denim!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. I like what she has done with this outfit - a masculine look feminised.

    p.s. how about 'oxymoron' - isn't that one of your fav words too?

  3. where is this taken? everyone seems to hang out at the green walls with small slat benches on. tell me. i'm glad she did a little smile in the second photo, i like people smiling. nice wording

  4. You're right, none of this would work as individual items. However, it's her radiant face and hair that mean she will look 'nonchalant and insouciant' whatever she wears.

  5. perfect words which summed up her style perfectly

    I am sure these kids can hold on past the weekend but obviously you're welcome to come over when they're born. xx

  6. This really shouldn't work but it just does - her obvious ease and confidence show that this is a look she is happy with and comfortable in. It's quite a unisex look, but that incredible hair just makes it so feminine.


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