Don't you just hate it when someone jumps in on your shot?  Well that's what I shamelessly did while David was shooting Leo the other day, quickly followed by some rather rude tourists who were passing by. But I couldn't resist, Leo has got to be one of the most dapper gents I've ever happened across, a man in possession of all the best Bs - beard, brooches, bloomers and brogues.

Speaking of old trousers (see what I did there...), I was contacted today by the Give Jeans a Chance charity, who want to donate your old denim to the homeless of east London.  All you have to do is drop off your still-wearable jeans and jackets, and the charity will do the rest.  Further details here, please take a moment to read it and help this very worthy cause.


  1. he's a bit of a dude and doesn't half attract attention from photographers, what does he do? sort of remember him working in a shop somewhere, sure i saw him when i was in 'don one time.

    he's got a proper personal style though hasn't he, one you can't buy.

    consider yourself entered in the comp then! it's a nice store, smells great and dapper chaps all over the place. not luck as yet but i haven't looked anywhere other day ebay, not had time. any suggestions? would love some vintage red wing red setters

  2. ha! i remember the tourists. funny. he is one of my best people to photograph because of his personal style.

  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa...

    Leo looks incredible! I swear in theory this shouldn't work but he totally pulls it off. He looks so comfortable and self assured. Not at all like he's trying hard. I love it. Awesome shot Jennifer. xx

  4. He is beautiful. I am missing characters like this soo much. Great shot. Xxxx

  5. I know I've seen photos of him before somewhere (David's blog??) and, of course, once seen, not forgotten. He must have heads turning all the time he's out and about. Dapper is definitely the right word. Lovely shot, especially with the light in the tree behind - perfect.

  6. This man always looks incredible. He seems like some time traveler popping in and out of London.


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