Dog day afternoon

Trust me, it's no small challenge getting a dog to pose for a streetstyle photo, and this cheeky chappy had clearly had enough of me by the time I got this shot - sticking his tongue out at me, the naughty thing.  Luckily for him (and me) though, this picture is not about the canine but his winter-fabulous owner.  I do tend to be drawn to a bit of tartan, being a Scot and all that (witness here and here), but this lady gets extra marks for avoiding the obvious black tights option and instead matching her pins to her pet. And for rocking the Rooney Mara hair look, making me seriously consider the chop again.  Gorgeousness.


  1. i used to have a proper thing for white tights, i just never seen to see them. but when i do it always catches my attention. all this is not done is a freaky tights thing well, slightly pervy maybe but not freaky! ok i'll stop now.

    nothing enhancing a photo like a dog

  2. looks like the little doggie took a shine to you. i love the contrast of the owner's combo with the graffiti on the wall.

  3. Love the thought that choice of tights has been matched to shade of pooch! I'm a sucker for a vintage cape and this one is a stunner. Seriously great hair too.


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