LFW Street Style - Day 4: Montage

My final day at Somerset House this season and it didn't disappoint.  Kudos to the hardcore LWF-ers who have 2 days left, I'm bloomin' knackered.

 Maybe I'm just feeling patriotic, but I am loving that tartan


 Lucie wins the prize for accessorising today.  Her bracelets are from her own Band 4 Hope project, a truly unique and socially conscious initiative, which I urge you to read much more about here

 Polka Dot in polka dots (do you see what I did there?)

 Yep, it's those shoes

 Star blouse, red lippy, vintage Ray-Bans - gorgeous


  1. yes indeed, it's those shoes. lots of great detail you've captured here.

    p.s. I run off yesterday and didn't get a chance to chat properly (you know, no rest for the wicked).

  2. I told you that I really like your blog, and those pics are one of the reasons!Inspiring!I'm gonna post your pic soon on my blog!

  3. Haha. Yeah I get it! (I forgot: I had the BEST pair of Italian gifted leather gloves from my NY friend Lisa- she got them in Italy with her then boyfriend, back when I used to call her Polka Dot as a pet name, pre-blog. She's the original Dot! Anyway, I forgot to pull them out of the hounds tooth clutch).

    Really impressed that you got this up. Feel like a slacker. Lovely to see you, hope all's well & see you soon. xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox

  4. Great see what your lens captured! Those are some (tartan) bloomers! Love all the other details too.

  5. oh gosh that fringe waistcoat is totally divine and to die for xxx

  6. thats a chanel ring? ive never seen one before, and now i want one!!

  7. I am missing fashion week, oh well not long to wait until Feb!!

  8. I am missing fashion week, oh well not long to wait until Feb!!


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