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This is Sarah.  She's my sister...well, sort of, as we're always having to explain, we're actually sisters in law once removed!  Anyway she is great and beautiful and always looks amazing.  And, I think she'd be more than happy to admit, she also loves ASOS.  And I mean LOVES!  There's rarely a week that goes by when she doesn't take delivery of a 'box of joy' and then turn up sporting her latest treats.  Her newest arrivals are the jeggings and floral bodysuit she's wearing in this picture (posing with a slightly scary Zippy on Brick Lane)... 

I only recently discovered ASOS as it's popping up more and more on various fashion blogs, but I've yet to buy much from it.  I think it takes quite a commitment to find something you want, or perhaps there's just too much choice.  But it does have some excellent fashion-forward pieces similar to those in, for example, Topshop, only less ubiquitous, therefore meaning there's less of a risk of turning up in the same outfit as someone else.  Which brings me to my new ASOS boots.  Just like those from Urban Outfitters (but cheaper, effectively "saving" me money with which to buy something else!), and inspired by the lust-worthy ones from Kurt Geiger, meet my new heeled desert boots...

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  1. ohhh this is TOO funny. i was just looking at the asos site and drooling over those shoes! i first saw them at UO too - and have seen quite a few very cool people sporting them. i totally adore them. very very good choice!! xx


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