Midnight street style

Well, Sunday was nearly a total washout, with the torrential rain not exactly conducive to taking photos.  I gave up early and went to the pub, hence why, several gins down, when I spotted these friends, I had to ask for their picture.  The lighting isn't great but you can see why I loved it - the way they're perched together on the bench, the glasses, the matching boots, the jacket.  Perhaps the only good thing about it still being winter in May is the continued use of the flying jacket, I was certainly wishing as I was walking home in the cold that I hadn't packed mine away prematurely.  Anyway, thank you, this totally saved my rainy Sunday...

I can also thank the girl in this photo for introducing me to
...absolutely hilarious, particularly for a serial leg-crosser like me. And I'm sorry for using the turned-in-feet photo when I promised not to but it came out the best (blame my tipsy photography) and it honestly doesn't look like it belongs on the above website!

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