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Amorous pigeons, posing squirrels, baffled tourists, scones with cream and jam and - most importantly of all - 10, 12 (or was it 100?!) fashion bloggers.  Mixed together, it's the recipe for a perfect afternoon.  It's not often I venture west so I have to thank the amazing Jen, the Style Crusader , for inviting moi, a totally random and very new blogger, to join in the fun.  We gathered, many of us having never met before, at the gorgeous Orangery at Kensington Palace in honour of the Platform Princess 's birthday. 

To say it was a surreal experience at first would be an understatement - when else with complete strangers would you feel comfortable launching immediately into a run-down of who's wearing what, where did they get such and such and lots of 'stand there, let me take your photo'.  I felt like I was in front of the paparazzi - my worst nightmare! - but then for the next 4 hours it was some of the best fun I'd ever had. 

Every single girl round the table was lovely, so friendly, stylish (duh) and utterly unique - everyone had a blog that gave them an outlet for their (often-secret) passion for fashion, but each had their own twist, their own particular identity and all were bursting with the personality of their owner.  I've discovered so many interesting blogs and, I hope, made some new friends.  I thought you'd like to meet some of them here...

First up, the instigator and, clearly, a talented organiser, Jen.  Her blog has always been one of my favourites for its down to earth approach to fashion commentary and the general exuberance that comes across in her writing and photos.  It was great to find her as down to earth and exuberant in real life, not to mention beautiful (and tall!), brimming with intelligence and, to use a word that was applied to her often that afternoon, generosity.  The whole time we were there at least someone was talking about how great she is.  Thank you Jen for organising such a fantastic day...

Next, Jill of Street Style London.  I love her blog, it was one of the ones that inspired me to go into blogging in the first place.  Her photos have always been a cut above, showing not just a snapshot of someone's outfit, but an insight into their personality.  The pictures always look like they've captured a moment, sometimes something secret, and they make you want to know more.  Jill herself was a revelation, I've rarely in my life met someone so easy to talk to, so warm and so vibrant.  I took loads of photos but for Jill I thought these ones, of her performing an impromtu dance on the grass for the line-up of bloggers, pretty much summed her up...

And so to the birthday girl, Jackie , a statuesque beauty and a fantastic blogger.  I had major dress/poise/general envy when she turned up.  And then add to that the fact she's the type of girl who happily invites a bunch of total strangers to her birthday party and you know you've met a real gem....

You might recognise Nicole, from an earlier post  about us snapping each other on a style scouting mission in Spitalfields.  Her blog The Power of Beauty remains the best street style documentation i've ever seen and she's just had books printed of her photos from around London, which I can't wait to see (and not just because I'm apparently in one!).  She's ridiculously photogenic and a lovely girl too, not to mention my first blogger friend...

The rest of the gang I knew nothing about until yesterday and I could go on all day about each and every one and how nice they were, how welcoming and how much fun.  But I think the photos speak for themselves, and their blogs even more so...please take some time to check them out, you won't be disappointed....

Thanks for a great afternoon everyone...may the next one come soon.


  1. oooh - you lucky duck. That sounds so much fun - and what an amazing bunch of inspirational bloggers! ck :) x

  2. Was lovely meeting you. I think I must have said that 100 times now, haha. I had such a great day- thank you so much for coming!
    Anytime you fancy a break from East, the West welcomes you.


  3. Aww good times! I love how these pictures are all quite au natural! (if that's how you spell it!) I have some pictures of you coming up today, I hope you like them!


  4. awww such a sweet post!! what an amazing day, so glad to meet you and everyone! need to do it again asap! xxxx

  5. this post is so beautiful. thank you so much for the kind words! i had such a blast and really can't wait for the next one to come around! it was such a pleasure meeting you. those pictures of jill dancing seriously crack me up. have you seen the video of her dancing of jackie's blog? ahhh it's 'ridiculous'. see you soon my love! we must go check out that vintage shop/cafe that you photographed a while back! after the 16th please! that's when my exams are over... ahhhh. maybe we could arrange a trip there on that weekend? oh oh oh... i've got my planning hat on already. xx

  6. Thanks everyone! Yes, let's have an east end tea shop meet-up (new friends, see post below on the Prettiest Shop in Town). Won't exactly be as salubrious as the Orangery ha ha but hopefully we'll make it just as fun! Let's sort something out after 16th x x

  7. looks like you all had a great day, everyone looks so happy!

  8. so sweet- looks like you all ha lots of fun! loving all the outfits! xx

  9. Aw this post is so lovely, thank you so much for your lovely words, your too lush. When i next see you, I will most definitely bring my book with you in :)

    I wish I had your way with words!!

    Beautiful x

  10. Looks like an amazing event! :D

  11. the vid is brilliant. and of course Im going to be late (YET AGAIN) for lucy's birthday. sob. i swear some day i'll stay for a whole thing sometime.
    lucy and i were saying how amazing you are jen.
    xx fi

  12. wargh! disaster!i opened up two windows and wrote comments on the wrong a fool i tell you a FOOL! ok. ignore my last comment please!
    i agree we should have a meet up in that vintage tearooms.i have been there before, they run book clubs and ballet classes and all sorts.
    i love your style so much. i am definitely taking you up on that break from blogging east. we could have a commercial tavern cocktail?
    again sorry for all my confusion!
    xx fi

    ps im totes developing a blog crush on you!

  13. Wow, Jennifer, I am so moved and impressed by the way you wrote and put together this beautiful post. As I'm still moving slowly thru each photo, relishing each one, polishing it in photoshop with dodge and burn tools... I figured I'd have to do at least one post for each woman there, and you've managed to do such a beautiful 'portrait' of everyone!

    We've got to run out now for an early dinner, but I'm going to do a little feature on my side bar to link to this. I can't believe you also have a REAL (and important) job: I know a lot of thought and care and time went into this post.

    You are an absolute delight. Just basically echo everything you said. And yes.. generosity of spirit is, I feel, what links us all.

    Thank you. xox

    p.s. re: everyone laughing at me.. I've had this all my life. My parents as you know are/were 'in education' and the thing they told me since I was a toddler was 'we're not laughing at you, we're laughing WITH you.' But since I was the only one not laughing, I assumed they were totally lying. They were laughing at me!

  14. @ polka dot.

    Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it. I'm far more impressed with your photoshop skills and time and care!! This was a sort of stream of consciousness (as most posts are) while the thoughts are in my head, in this case as I was flicking through the photos and laughing out loud (but, definitely not AT you, WITH you and all with each other in fact!). It's not hard to be inspired by such a lovely afternoon and meeting such a fantastic bunch of people.

    Let's find a date for our style scouting meet-up soon (think Jen also has plans brewing for an east end blogger get-together!) x

  15. ooOOoh yes an East meet most defs! Rele looking forward to it! looks like youre organising Jenifer! hehe
    looking forward to seeing you again!
    thanks for the mention - still relishing 'shiny thoughts' of the day .. ahh

  16. I love Fi's (Save Our Shoes) cute.

    We'll meet AGAIN!

  17. You look like you had so much fun!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog ^^

  18. very cute! i wish i was there in the bush looking at you guys haha

  19. Reaaally lovely to meet you that day, so sorry I missed your name out in the role call, I've added you straight in!

    You've got such a nice blog too, great taste in choosing victims for streetstyle shots!

  20. really stylish! everyone!

  21. looks like an amazing day and a great opportunity! I look forward to visiting the other blogs you mentioned.

    I would love to do a link swap with you, my site is if you fancy it :) x


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