Still got love for the streets

Not long after I started the blog, one of my two friends who know about it commented "it's very east London!".  He said it in jest but, the clue being in the title, this is a blog about the style in the east; hopefully not in a pretentious way but in a way that shows my genuine passion for my neighbourhood.  I've lived here for nearly 7 years now and blogging for the last few months has led to a new appreciation of all the things that drew me to it in the first place. The extent to which the photos I've taken are "east London" didn't really occur to me until I took this one (below) at the weekend.  My eye was caught by her brogue/white ankle sock/high waisted combo as she emerged from a doorway on Brick Lane, and the way she'd paired them with the hat and some glamorous red lippy. 

But what struck me afterwards was how she complemented the background and how this photo pretty much sums up everything that is great about my stomping's colourful, it has style, it has character and most of all it has its own identity.  So - in a slight departure from the norm - I've included a few other photos of the sights I see every weekend but that always make me smile; just a few more reasons why I love east London...

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