Summer socks

Last weekend, the sun came out, and so did the socks!  I'm a massive fan of the ankle sock/brogue or loafer combo but it never seems to be appropriate weather to wear it - either too cold for bare legs or too hot for socks.  Not that it stopped any of this week's street spots who all look great, and completely different, in their fabulous footwear.

First up, I should have asked this girl if she was a model, everyone who's seen the photo has wondered.  In any case, she's quirked-up a summer staple stripy dress with her loafers and socks.  I saw her out my flat window as I was preparing to leave to go blogging and was chuffed to catch her up a bit later and get this shot...

Next, I caught this girl having a cheeky break from her stall, enjoying the sunshine just off Brick Lane.  She looked the picture of contentment and I took the photo exactly where she sat, with her crackers next to her and her shoes and socks peeking from that great purple maxi skirt...

By the time I got round to this picture the sun was playing havoc with the photographing, but it still captures this perfect little outfit.  I like the slightly longer socks - playful and girly, but still casual enough for a stroll in the sun...

And finally, just before the heat got the better of me and I headed for shade, I spotted this girl on the way home.  Love love love this outfit.  She looks amazing, and cute as a button.  Expect to see me in a replica outfit soon (looking far less cute sadly), I already own the necessary components!


  1. the last two girls are adorable - great naps. ck :) x

  2. Hi! It was so lovely chatting to you yesterday. You have a great blog! Can't wait to see some collaborations from you and Jill!


  3. Ilike the last outfit best, very sassy, and cute. xx

  4. really like this look on girls too, my fav is the levi's lady


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