Ladylike v Grunge

Often when I grab a streetstyle shot, I'm left wondering what my subject wears on every other the photo I took their usual 'look', is it something they're experimenting with, do they like to glam up in the evening? And usually you just never know, the mystery is part of the appeal. In Ella's case however, I have crossed her path several times, as she works in one of my favourite vintage stores, and is now working for the new Blitz Department Store (where I expect to be a regular visitor).

It was at the press party that I took this first shot, in which Ella is the epitome of ladylike retro glamour, in a vintage lace dress from the store. The second shot is from when I first met Ella, a look I described at the time as modern grunge. About her dressed-up look, Ella told me she was going 'ladylike' having cut the green from her hair and wanting to dress up for the evening. But her innate style is still there, in the collection of rings she wears, and the attitude with which she wears that dress, and now I look back at that original shot, you see her tendency to glamour was there all along, in that flowy skirt and up-do.

Proof, I'm going to venture, that personal style is about more than just the clothes you wear- and that it's fun to mix it up sometimes...


  1. i love what you've written. often enough, i wonder the same thing about the people i shoot.

    as for this young lady over here, judging from these two pictures, she sure has great style.

  2. Love this girls style, especially in the top picture.
    I've been thinking about this idea a lot recently too, I am always going through phases with my style, sometimes they last a day other times a few weeks. Something else I've been thinking about is if someone borrowed my wardrobe for the day how would they put my clothes together, I always try to think about this when I'm in a clothes rut ! X

  3. Interesting question - about 'usual' looks. Yet, as you show, often there's a definable thread that stitches seemingly different looks together, so that they belong unquestionably to the individual.

  4. i love the last sentence you wrote. I completely agree with it, and in this case i prefer the 'grunge' look.

    Meena ♥


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